Pixel Rush Mod Apk – Unlimited Stars

By july.mod - Latest update August 7, 2021
Pixel Rush Mod Apk – Unlimited Stars
Name Pixel Rush - Epic Obstacle Course Game
Version 1.5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Stars
Size 65 MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Casual
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Publisher SayGames
Publisher SayGames,
Update August 7, 2021 (3 years ago)
  • Complete a level to get countless stars.

With the increasing appearance of racing games, it’s hard to find a game with simple gameplay and high entertainment. Pixel Rush Mod Apk was born to target players who love simplicity in gameplay. Although it has elementary features, the attraction that this game creates is undeniable.

The experience that Pixel Rush brings to players is also exciting.

Join the race of Pixel Rush – Epic Obstacle Course Game (SayGames), and you will meet the guy Pixel Boy. True to his name, he is composed of simple blocks of pixels. All you need to do is control this Pixel guy. Show your ingenuity as you help him overcome the obstacles and reach the finish line. Then you will win this game.

Pixel Rush - Epic Obstacle Course Game

🏃 Run for survival in Pixel Rush Mod Apk

Your only task in this game is to keep your Pixel Boy alive until the end of the race. It would be best if you did everything to avoid the danger of obstacles in the way. On the road, there are always dangers waiting to harm you.

Try to dodge as thoroughly as possible. Try to keep the peace to the end of the track, even if there is only a little pixel on your body. That also helped you win.

If you accidentally hit an upper or lower barrier, you will lose half of your torso. But don’t worry, try to collect small pixels again because you can still survive and run. It is also possible that you will hit bumps in the road.

That’s not a problem for you either. The point is to avoid objects that can stop you immediately, like a knife or fork.

☠️ Reward

Every time you complete the game, gifts to encourage your spirit are also inevitable. You will be surprised to know that all the rewards are cute and funny costumes. Wands, shoes, shirts, crowns, boots, and more.

Those things will make your character so much more special and awesome. Hey, are you looking forward to seeing your character in a pirate suit?

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👕 Customize appearance

In Pixel Rush, you can freely customize the appearance of your character to your liking. Please pay attention to collect blue stars along the way, and it will help you open gift boxes. When you finish a run with dangerous obstacles, you will accumulate points to complete the level.

When reaching 100%, the mysterious gift box will open, you will have the opportunity to receive many items to help change the appearance of Pixel Boy.

In addition, on the run sometimes also appear items such as shirts, hats, shoes, … Collect them to help your character’s appearance look better. Do not rush to rejoice when you have many decorations.

If you are not careful during the race, you will drop your item. You can’t imagine, right? Here chings are the surprise that Pixel Rush has for you. If you are wearing a hat, you hit your head on an obstacle, and your hat will fall in small blocks of pixels that have disappeared. So choose the correct path.

customize appearance with mod ver

🎩 Interesting gameplay

Completely different from other games of the same genre, Pixel Rush offers unique and new gameplay. It would be best if you tried to control your character to overcome the obstacles of the game program. There are many difficulty levels of obstacles.

At first, what you encounter are simply boards that have been cut into small cells. Once carelessly bumping into sealed areas, you will lose your impacted parts. Later on, the difficulty level increases.

The appearance of knives and forks is definitely a big challenge. You will only be able to end the journey immediately if they hit you.

Sometimes on the track, there is always something new for you. The bouncing pads that appear randomly will also create new experiences. When you step on the jumping pad, don’t panic.

It will help you fly high and avoid the scary obstacles below. This helps you to complete the track with a great achievement that far exceeds expectations. Also, don’t forget to collect the stars on the way and the key at the end of the path. Many attractive gifts are waiting for you to collect enough stars and keys to open it!

🎶 Download Pixel Rush Mod Apk for Android

The special new experiences that Pixel Rush brings are something you will certainly never think of. Every detail in the game, even the smallest, is paid attention to and edited by the developers to serve your experience. Let’s overcome all challenges with Pixel Boy to win the highest reward in Pixel Rush Mod Apk now!

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