Farm Heroes Saga Mod Apk – Unlimited Lives/Booster

By august.mod - Latest update September 6, 2021
Farm Heroes Saga Mod Apk – Unlimited Lives/Booster
Name Farm Heroes Saga
Version 5.64.3
MOD Features Unlimited Lives/Booster
Size 85 MB
Requires Android
Category Casual
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Publisher King
Publisher King,
Update September 6, 2021 (3 years ago)
MOD info
  • 50 moves.
  • In game booster “Regeneration time set to 0”.

Are you a lover of games related to your intellectual challenge? Farm Heroes Saga Mod Apk will help you do it every day. Join the journey to discover the vast garden that you own. Collect lots of friendly and cute vegetables everywhere. Protect them from raccoon infestation along the way to keep their inherent peace. You are the most hardworking and intelligent farmer.

When it comes to developer King, we often think of match-3 puzzle games. One of the products that brought them success was Farm Heroes Saga. Its advantage is how to build a user-friendly interface for all ages. Create vivid and cute images to attract players. The gameplay is straightforward and can be played whenever I have free time. Bring a little joy into your busy life.

Farm Heroes Saga

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Farm Heroes Saga – Conquer challenges

The garden under your ownership is extensive and full of cute vegetables. But suddenly, one day, out of nowhere appeared a gluttonous raccoon. It eats up all the vegetables you have worked so hard to take care of for so long. You can’t let this go on, or you’ll lose everything that’s yours. Chase and stop the raccoon by overcoming puzzles along the way. The method is straightforward, and you will match the same vegetables into the same row. Just complete the harvest targets that the game screen sets, you can pass it.

Your moves will be limited to a certain amount of time. If you use all of these moves without completing the level, you will lose. Therefore, it is essential to consider the most beneficial steps to you before you start taking them. Don’t worry if you fail because you can completely repeat that level.

Looking for help

If you encounter a problem in the game, you can ultimately call for help. Lots of boosters are ready to assist you at any time. The first is the five extra moves, which will give you five different movements. The second is a magic shovel that digs a particular test piece or accelerates the development process. Superfruits will help you collect the fruits around. The shredder can remove three rows of plants next to each other. Tractors will be able to draw a row of crops with allowed items. Take advantage of these when needed most.

Looking for help

Many types of plants

We have quite a few different plants included in Farm Heroes Saga Mod Apk. Namely apples, strawberries, carrots, red onions, even the sun, and water drops. All these plants are designed to look a lot like cute babies. Strawberries and the sun are always smiling brightly under the clear blue sky of the farm. Purple onion is always in a state of wanting to cry when its tears seem to be about to fall. Drops of water are created from buckets. When combined with seeds, they will form hay, flowers, or some other exciting thing. Let’s get these friends out of the scary threats.

Conquer thousands of levels

The exciting thing about playing this game is that there are more than a thousand different levels designed in various ways. You will start getting used to the specific challenges in the first levels. Then gradually increase the difficulty with more complex things added. The number of vegetables can be denser or sparser to create a challenge for you. Requires intelligent strategies to be devised and executed purposefully. Although challenging, you are still free to complete the level at your own pace. It’s not mandatory to follow the stressful countdown like other games.

Download Farm Heroes Saga Mod Apk for Android

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Download Farm Heroes Saga Mod Apk for Android

Farm Heroes Saga Mod Apk for Android is a game that will train your patience. Thereby also improving thinking and creativity for many different situations. Playing daily will help you reduce stress from work and feel more in love with life.

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