Cooking Dash Mod Apk – Unlimited Money

By august.mod - Latest update August 24, 2021
Cooking Dash Mod Apk – Unlimited Money
Name Cooking Dash
Version 2.22.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 85 MB
Requires Android 4.1+
Category Casual
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Publisher Glu
Publisher Glu,
Update August 24, 2021 (3 years ago)

Cooking Dash mod apk is an extremely realistic and detailed cooking simulation game. Publisher Glu has prototyped a small shop selling food into its game. With a multi-course menu, customers are flocking to your store more and more.

Do everything you can to fulfill all orders from customers. By making them satisfy their hungry stomach with delicious food, you will keep a lot of guests. They will definitely come back and support your store. That means the store’s income will increase. Please upgrade the infrastructure in the store. This way, you will be able to satisfy more customers.

Cooking Dash

Cooking Dash – Become a chef

A lot of people are passionate about cooking and want to be a chef. But many barriers prevent them from reaching their dreams. It could be family reasons, income reasons. Or simply, the condition doesn’t allow them to do it. Join Cooking Dash Mod Apk, and you will be turned into a real chef. With all the necessary tools and ingredients to serve your cooking. Enjoy cooking according to your passion.

Your task is to cook all the dishes on the menu. As a head chef in a restaurant, no one will share this burden with you. Sometimes, the boss will give you the task of creating a new menu. At this time, show your knowledge of dishes and create a very unique and new menu.

Restaurant upgrade

With a unique menu of many delicious dishes you create, customers coming to your store will be more and more crowded. They will bring you a small amount of income. You can use that income to upgrade the items in the restaurant’s kitchen. The number of customers coming to the restaurant is increasing day by day. They were all starving and impatient. So quickly, serving and responding to their requests will be what the restaurant should do.

Upgrading the items in the kitchen means that the time to make a dish will be reduced. Thus, customers will not have to wait too long to have their food. Attitude, fast service speed with delicious dishes. Surely those will make diners feel satisfied and want to come back to your store. Therefore, upgrading kitchen appliances is extremely necessary that you need to consider in Cooking Dash.

Restaurant upgrade

Join the TV show

To promote your Cooking Dash restaurant’s brand, participate in cooking contests on television. Try to show the dishes that you are most confident with and win. From there, customers will be more impressed with your store. They will come because of curiosity, and if your menu really conquers them, it will definitely be a regular customer of the store. Gradually, the number of visitors will be more crowded, and the amount of money you earn will not be small.

Besides, thanks to the program, you can also become famous. They will be extremely impressed with the image of a talented and professional chef. Your value will increase a lot of people. Of course, many guests come to the restaurant to meet and experience the food you cook yourself. In addition, thanks to that popularity, there may be many brands to invite you to participate in advertising. That is definitely a high income for you and your restaurant.

Costumes and pets

As a chef, your attire is quite important. In the dips that appear on television, the costumes make up a large part of your image. In customers’ eyes, a neatly dressed chef with a professional chef suit is much more convincing. Therefore, the game provides in the wardrobe a lot of different chef suits. You can choose the best suits and wear them every time you work.

Pets are not what makes food taste better. It will make your Cooking Dash store more bustling. Most of the guests love pets or cats. The presence of lovely pets will help customers relax more while waiting for their food.

Download Cooking Dash Mod Apk for Android

Download Cooking Dash Mod Apk for Android

A world is full of conditions for you to pursue your passion for becoming a chef. What’s more, it can even make you a celebrity. Conquer the most demanding diners with many delicious dishes created by yourself. Build your own famous restaurant. Those are all the best things that Cooking Dash Mod Apk for Android can bring to players. Don’t miss Cooking Dash if you are a cooking lover and want to become a chef!

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