Terms of Use

Welcome to the house of ALOgum. This name represents our website https://alogum.io/. Everything on this site is free for users, but we still have to set some rules so that both sides can create a level playing field. That means ALOgum.io offers a healthy place for you while everyone also helps us better in the future. These rules also allow us to protect you and release you from any future liability related to ALOgum.io.

Terms Of Use Agreement

By accessing ALOgum.io and performing operations on the website like reading the information, downloading apps, to name a few, you agree to and confirm the following information:

  • This site’s terms and conditions. If you disagree with any parts of them, please do not access the service.
  • ALOgum provides this service on an as-is basis. We reserve the right to modify, suspend or discontinue the service at our sole discretion at any time without notice.

Download Data (Links & Files)

The downloaded files we share with the third parties are not within our responsibility. ALOgum does not have any rights, obligations, or ability to interfere with such data. However, software, apks, and mods collected by members to share with you are all sourced from reliable websites and forums.

Users on ALOgum have the choice to download files from Google Play or MOD files that are freely shared without protection, and you are responsible for all the risk (if any) from these Mods.

Our Content

The content posted on our website fully complies with the copyright laws detailed on the DMCA page. Please refer to it for more details, especially:

  • The content is researched and compiled from many prestigious sources and edited to meet the development criteria of ALOgum.
  • Content is 100% free to use & may not be copied in any way.
  • Consider using tutorials as they are, sometimes, only for certain types of devices.
  • Feel free to share links to your website, social networks, and other channels.

Advertisements On The Website

When using the Service on ALOgum.io, you will receive the third parties’ advertisements, especially Google’s.

ALOgum also promotes brands that can meet the requirements of the content and quality we offer.

However, we are not responsible for any third-party content (such as Google or trademarks) that does not belong to the ALOgum website. Any dealings that you have with advertisers found on the website are just between you and the advertisers. You acknowledge and agree that we are not liable for any loss or claim from you about these dealings.

Termination Right

The ALOgum.io website may unilaterally terminate the provision of services if you violate our Terms of Use or any rules or instructions posted by the website. We also reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to terminate your access to all or part of the website, for any reason, with or without prior notice.

Change Of Terms

These are only ALOgum.io’s provisional terms of use/policies publicly available to users. We reserve the right to change our terms at any time, so you should review our terms first before using the site. Thank you, and look forward to your cooperation to have the best ALOGum.com.

Final Thoughts

ALOgum.com thank you for reading our terms. If there is any copyright issue, please contact us. The ALOGum team will handle it quickly and efficiently.