The Catapult 2: Grow Castle Mod Apk – Unlimited Coins

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The Catapult 2: Grow Castle Mod Apk – Unlimited Coins
Name The Catapult 2: Grow Castle・Tower Defense・Stickman
Version 5.1.6
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Size 133 MB
Requires Android 5.1+
Category Casual
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Publisher BYV
Publisher BYV,
Update September 6, 2021 (3 years ago)

The Catapult 2: Grow Castle Mod Apk is an engaging and engaging tower defense game. It seems that the stickman is a mainstay of BVY when the publisher has included that character in all of its games. Of course, The Catapult 2: Grow Castle is no exception. Bring yourself the image of a familiar stick figure. Therefore, it is not difficult for this game to win the attention and love of players.

The game is about a little stick, man. He owns a tower, and that tower is always under the threat of many enemies. They create waves of attacks on the tower to defeat the guy to take that tower. The remarkable thing here is that there is only this guy in the tower. At the same time, the enemy army is both large and strong. Your help seems to be needed at this time. Come and give him a hand!

The Catapult 2: Grow Castle

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The Catapult 2: Grow Castle – Defend the tower

Your task in this The Catapult 2: Grow Castle game is straightforward. Just calculate and place the right weapons. You will prevail against your opponents when you can easily sweep them. There are countless types of powerful weapons brought into the game. You can transform into an archer, a gunner, or even a gunner. Each weapon you choose for your character will bring a unique power that you can’t even imagine.

Try to do everything to prevent the enemy from accessing your tower. Otherwise, it will be quite dangerous as they will gradually take control of your tower. Because the main goal of this game is to protect the tower, stop any threat to the beloved tower. Be the strongest and protect your base from all dangers.

Multiple game modes

There are many game modes for players to conquer. With PvP mode, you will confront other players. Your only mission is to become the invader or the defender. If you are the invader, your task is to conquer the opponent’s tower. Do everything to defeat the enemy’s defenses. Use all resources to be able to blow away the tenacity of the opponent. You can also choose highly destructive weapons to blow up the opponent’s tower.

On the other side, you also have to try your best to keep your tower safe. You are not the only one who has superior firepower compared to your opponent. You will not be able to assess what the other party has accurately. The best solution is to make situational decisions. That is, when the opponent uses a weapon, choose the stronger one to counter them. Or you can also use a little strategy to make it easier to win against your opponent.

Multiple game modes

Weapon Selection

With the increase in strength from the enemy, it is necessary to have sufficient weapons for you. Fortunately, with The Catapult 2: Grow Castle Mod Apk, the publisher has included various powerful weapons. Each weapon has its own power and properties. What you have to do is choose what to use for each specific case. If you use the right weapon, it’s not too difficult for you to defeat all threats to your tower.

Besides the available weapons, you can also buy a few other things. The game store already gives you access to hundreds of different weapons. The bow is the most basic thing. They have a long-range, but the disadvantage is that the fire rate is slow, and the damage is not serious. Although the catapult possesses strong firepower, its slow reload speed and low accuracy rate has weakened it. The most reasonable option for you is modern weapons such as anti-aircraft artillery, machine guns, …

Upgrade the tower

At first, your tower looks quite simple and weak. It looks quite weak and easy to defeat with only a single defense tower and only one defensive weapon. Over time, as many enemies are driven away, you will gain a large number of resources. Let’s proceed to upgrade the tower. You can build an extra guard tower in front of the main tower. Place more weapons and turn it into a perfect shield. Surely it will be difficult for the opponent to penetrate this solid defense.

If you don’t like having too many towers, raise your tower. Divide another floor above, put more heavy cannons on it. Do you think there is an opponent that can overcome the destructive power of the rushing attacks? In addition, you can also increase the strength of your tower. Use hard materials and reinforce the shell of the tower. Thus, your tower will withstand a lot of attacks from the opponent.

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Download The Catapult 2: Grow Castle Mod Apk for Android

Download The Catapult 2 Mod Apk for Android

At a certain point, you will feel your weapon seems weak. Upgrade them to make the attack more powerful. Then you will not be bored with any enemies. It is a tower defense game but does not need too much strategy. The simplicity that The Catapult 2: Grow Castle brings has made players excited. The stick guy is having a hard time. Please hurry up and help him defend the tower in The Catapult 2: Grow Castle Mod Apk for Android!

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