Privacy Policy

Intending to build the best and healthy platform for everyone, we – ALOgum ( need to introduce privacy policies to help this platform work better. Therefore, please read our privacy policy below carefully before accessing this website.

Data Collection

We collect your data, including IP address, browser cookies, to help you access our website quickly. Collect your suggestions and comments in every post. does not collect any other information. If you discover that the site collects other information, please promptly notify us via our contact forms so that we can promptly stop it. It is an incident that we highly appreciate your kind understanding, and it is our responsibility to handle.

Information Security

We are committed to endeavoring to keep the information we collect about you confidential. The information is only stored on our system for a certain time; it may be removed during our system maintenance. All of your information is protected by us at a high level, so you can rest assured in this regard.


+ ALOgum: We have the right to collect the information we need to meet your needs and purposes on this website. Read more about our terms of service for further understanding.

+ Users: You are not required to provide the information we need to use the services on the website. You may use bogus information (such as a VPN service) to access the website. However, we are not responsible for that.

Privacy Policy Change

These are the latest policies. We reserve the right to change our policy to keep up with and align with the changing trends of the Internet and apk sector. Therefore, you should read the policy carefully before taking any action on this website.