HellCopter Mod Apk – Unlimited Money

By july.mod - Latest update August 7, 2021
HellCopter Mod Apk – Unlimited Money
Name HellCopter
Version 1.8.5
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 75 MB
Requires Android
Category Arcade
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Publisher SayGames
Publisher SayGames,
Update August 7, 2021 (2 years ago)

In American action movies, we often see very brave shooters. They often hold guns and fight alone with many dangerous terrorists. This is the fighting spirit of a hero who is not afraid of death.

Coming to HellCopter Mod Apk, you can even admire a super product. Join the great gun-wielding hand on the plane and destroy the enemies on the buildings. Experience unique fighting feeling at the pinnacle of class. Become a marksman in a style that is completely unmatched anywhere else. Anyone can be great and use real guns like assassins.

HellCopter Mod Apk free download for android

Kill all the enemies

You are a gunman with great skills deployed to dangerous missions. Ride on helicopters and go around tall buildings. Use your gun and kill any enemies you see on that building. Just aim to shoot accurately and pull the trigger, and someone will have to fall. But be careful never to hit the hostages being held by them, or you will lose.

The plane will only move once at a certain altitude, so don’t miss a shot. Practice your accuracy by playing a lot and gaining experience. Don’t give the enemies a chance to run away.

Own the guns

Because we have to fight, guns will be the first thing we care about. In your inventory, there are also many options with a full range of specialized guns. There are long-range sniper rifles that can help you hit the target with the most precision. Shotguns can fire up to two bullets at once to destroy multiple targets. You can even use grenade launchers to let enemies explode.

Do whatever you want as long as you have enough money to buy a gun. Play hard, and you can buy yourself a large arsenal of guns with many different flexible options. Become a weapon boss possessing top combat skills.

mod version game HellCopter

Change appearance in HellCopter Mod Apk

You should know that your character can also change his appearance to be different. Transform into hundreds of different characters with colorful costumes. Become a government combat-trained SWAT agent to carry out the mission. You can also be a super cool Rambo like in the movie with outstanding abilities. There are tons of characters with unique looks you should try for yourself.

These costumes are only for beauty purposes, but they bring a break. Wearing a new outfit will help you fight comfortably without feeling bored at all. Warriors are always ready to take on the most difficult missions.

Encounter many enemies

During the battle, you will encounter many different types of enemies. Fully armed robbers may be robbing property. Fight well-dressed drug lords and their bodyguards. Even more terrible is meeting the aliens with crowds invading the Earth.

No matter who it is, it is impossible to escape the barrel of your gun pointed at them. Make them lie down without reacting to merciless bullets. Many different goals are waiting for you to solve at dramatic levels. Can you destroy them or return in defeat?

Encounter many enemies

Download HellCopter Mod Apk for Android

Coming to HellCopter you can also admire the extremely eye-catching slow-motion phase. All the bullets, the explosions are made into great moments. Gives you a feeling like you are fighting in your own movie. Feel each bullet through the enemy accurately coming from the millimeter. Satisfy your shooting hobby without having to play complicated games. It can be played anywhere you want.

It is the courage and skill that will make the level of a talented shooter. Download HellCopter Mod Apk to be able to participate in dozens of interesting missions in this game. What could be more wonderful than being in a helicopter and shooting at the same time?

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