Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD Mod Apk – Menu, Everything is open, money

By july.mod - Latest update August 7, 2021
Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD Mod Apk – Menu, Everything is open, money
Name Kingdom Rush Vengeance - Tower Defense Game
Version 1.9.11
MOD Features Menu Mod, Everything is open, Money
Size 708 MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Strategy
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Publisher Ironhide Games
Publisher Ironhide Games,
Update August 7, 2021 (3 years ago)
  • MENU mod (selectable)
    1. Unlock them all
    2. Unlimited money
  • Install the .zip obb file first: unzip the file to /android/obb/, the correct format after unzip is: /android/obb/
  • Install the .apk file and enjoy the game!

Witches and monsters are always seen as hateful villains. You will definitely be arranged to play a certain warrior or knight in the main role if you join a game. However, try a new feeling with the villain in Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD Mod Apk. Maybe your game will be interesting and unexpectedly engaging.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD is a tower defense strategy game. Ironhide Games have developed the game since 2018. Although it is said to be a villain, it is simply that you will join the Vez’nan witch. You still have to fight other powerful enemies. By building and placing turrets, prevent the enemy from attacking the territory of the wizarding kingdom. Good tactical skills not only help you protect the kingdom but also create wars to expand the territory.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD

Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD – Hidden secrets and epic enemies

Vez’nan is a powerful almighty sorcerer who founded the kingdom of darkness. He gathered orcs, elves, demons, dark knights, zombies into his kingdom to create the most powerful empire. Around there are a series of other armies that want to defeat your kingdom. Take the responsibility of commanding the army and end the war that has lasted for hundreds of years. Please choose your favorite defense tower, mix them to stop the attack. Protect the crown of King Vez’nan. The battle to discover new lands and expand your kingdom.

Conquer your kingdom

Each Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD battle takes place on a horizontal screen. To be sure to win, you need serious tactical investment. First of all, build defensive towers, place troops, heroes next to the tower or where you see fit. Should choose to place towers at intersections and bends. The enemy will gather in a very crowded place at that time, and you can discharge bullets to destroy them all. Summoning attacks from enemies faster brings more gold. The good and smart strategy is what brings victory in this game.

Conquer your kingdom

Train and command mighty heroes

The supreme bosses are ready to attack your kingdom. Call upon the great heroes to stand up and fight with you. They are strong people who are always ready to confront. The 13 heroes of Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD each have their own skills and powers. The commander needs to upgrade the strength and train the heroes’ skills to face more than 60 enemy armies. And remember to change tactics to suit the battlefield of each level regularly. Winning will help you accumulate achievements and bring valuable rewards.

Train and command mighty heroes

Tower system and upgrades

Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD’s tower system is very diverse. 18 new tower types, each with their own unique skills and special powers. Depending on the level of play, choose the right towers and can create a power link together. Choose from the arsenal of weapons to retrofit your tower. Weapons and towers will create tremendous destruction to stop the enemy. If the defense is uncertain, the enemies will invade your kingdom. When you fail the challenge of a level, you will start from the beginning.

Download Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD Mod Apk for Android

There are over 25 challenging stages that test your tactical skills. There are also 5 realistic challenges for you to explore and conquer new lands. Each challenge has a different difficult mission. However, the talented military man will still overcome all with his sure strategy. Discover all the content and mysterious story of the game. A lot of interesting things are waiting for you.

Graphics and sound

Lost in the world of Kingdom Rush Vengeance, TD players will admire a fairy picture. I must say the 3D graphics of the game is gorgeous. The designers are very attentive to every detail from the turret, the character to the surrounding scene. There will be many people playing the game because of these stunning graphics. Along with the image, Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD also has an enjoyable sound. Soft music, not too stressful to help players feel relaxed. A hundred hearing is not equal to one seeing. Download the game right away to feel it for yourself!

Download Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD Mod Apk for Android

Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD is a game suitable for all ages. With the familiar classic strategy gameplay, anyone can easily master its game. Become the commander of the most powerful army of darkness. Build turrets and train heroes to fight for the greatness of the kingdom.

Offline mode is convenient for playing games anywhere. It will captivate gamers and spend hours immersed in it. Download now Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD Mod Apk to get an interesting and great experience!

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