DomiNations Mod Apk – Unlimited Gold/Food/Oli

By august.mod - Latest update August 24, 2021
DomiNations Mod Apk – Unlimited Gold/Food/Oli
Name DomiNations
Version 9.930.930
MOD Features Unlimited Gold/Food/Oli
Size 76 MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Strategy
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Publisher Big Huge Games Inc.
Publisher Big Huge Games Inc.,
Update August 24, 2021 (3 years ago)
MOD info
  • Purchases for gold, food and oil do not reduce their amount;
  • All tasks and achievements are completed, and you can get a reward for them;
  • People are not needed to complete tasks;
  • Crowns can only be spent on:
  1. acceleration of forest clearing
  2. acceleration of the improvement of troops (generals, tactics)
  3. faster improvements in the library
  4. recruitment of troops after the battle
  5. additional purchase of resources
  6. all other actions will lead to a crash (loss of connection)!


  1. You can get banned for using the mod!
  2. Mod asks for updates? Most likely you were banned, if you want to play – change Android Id (if you have root) or reset the device to factory settings.

DomiNations Mod Apk is a unique territory building and development game designed by Big Huge Ganes, Inc. Join the gam. Youu will play a leader. As the leader, your responsibility is enormous when you have to develop reasonable tactics for the development of the territory you govern. Try to turn your country into a rich and super powerful country.

Start at a time when your country was just a small city. The lack of everything, as well as the economic poverty, made this country not able to last for too long. Your task is to find ways to make that country develop. Gradually, build a strong economy. Build a strong military base. Then, occupy more territory and expand the country. Make your country a top power in the world DomiNations Mod Apk.


DomiNations – Starting from scratch

Your game start time also corresponds to the first period of the human world in mod DomiNations. You will have to do everything to make your country better. Entering the world of DomiNations, you will witness the development of humanity, from ancient cultures with the most rudimentary items to modern times with advanced utensils.

Besides, you also have to face threats. If you do not make your country develop as quickly as possible, your country will face colonization. Neighboring countries are also always trying to take over your country. Faced with strong enemies, you can use any tactical options that you think are reasonable to fight the enemy’s oppression.

Territory building

A lot of things need to be done if you want to build a strong country with DomiNations. Change the context of the territory from wild bushes to monumental military constructions. Build more famous wonders such as Pyramids, Sphinx,… to enhance the country’s aesthetics. Whatever landscape you like, it is quite possible to build easily without any requirement of nature.

From above, you can monitor your country in the most comprehensive way. Would you please arrange the works in an orderly and reasonable manner? This way, your country will look much more beautiful and orderly. Remember, the defense system is fundamental. Place as many defensive towers as possible in the outermost layer of the country. This is to ensure that your country is always protected.

Territory building

Join the battles

Many situations make you resort to the military. In case the country is in danger due to the threat of neighboring countries, use elite troops. Bring out your strongest army and defeat the invasion plots of neighboring countries. Show them that you are not easy to bully. If your military potential is strong enough, bring your troops and conquer those countries.

If you bring troops to invade, calculate yourself a reasonable strategy. You will become a talented general with many elite armies. With just a good strategy, you can completely defeat any opponent. Find out the moves to counter the enemy’s army. By winning battles, you will gain more territory for your country. Expand the development and make the country the most powerful in the world DomiNations Mod Apk.

Upgrading the country

Like a country in the real world, to develop economically, the infrastructure must be modern. Over time, everything in your country becomes obsolete and no longer works. Now, let’s bring the country to the renewal stage. Proceed to upgrade everything in your country with high technology. Each period will be designed as a game screen. You have to go in the right sequence to get through it.

Step by step, performs the tasks each game screen gives. Each completed mission, you will receive the necessary materials for the upgrade. The game screen system will be arranged in the correct historical order, from ancient to modern times. In each period, focus on researching and creating different types of powerful weapons. This is to strengthen the military and protect the country from harm.

Download DomiNations Mod Apk for Android

Download DomiNations Mod Apk for Android

With what happened during the development of this game, you can fully experience the feeling of building your own country. Start everything from scratch. Build, innovate, protect and develop your national territory. Make it the most powerful country in the world. Everything is ready, come and become a leader, a talented general in the world of DomiNations Mod Apk for Android!

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