State of Survival – Discard Mod Apk – Menu MOD

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State of Survival – Discard Mod Apk – Menu MOD
Name State of Survival - Discard
Version 1.11.95
MOD Features Menu MOD
Size 134 MB
Requires Android 4.1+
Category Strategy
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Publisher KingsGroup Holdings
Publisher KingsGroup Holdings,
Update September 12, 2021 (3 years ago)

State of Survival – Discard Mod Apk is a top-notch tactical survival game. Zombie is a pretty fertile topic, and many publisher have pursued it. Usually, a game on this topic is designed in an action-survival style. That is, besides survival, you need to chase the zombies. But with State of Survival – Discard Mod Apk, you will find the difference.

Join State of Survival – Discard, and you will have to use a lot of thinking because this game is designed according to the strategy genre. So every decision you make directly affects the people who trust you. Because you know, after the doomsday, people become more uncertain than ever. They try to find a way out and put their faith in it. It sounds serious. So, let’s see what happens in this game!

State of Survival - Discard

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State of Survival – Discard – World scene

It’s been six months since the zombie pandemic took over the world. People become bewildered and terrified. Everything fell into chaos. Everyone is confused, and no one knows where to start. You can’t just sit there and wait for death to come to you and everyone else. You will be the one to stand up and lead the reconstruction in State of Survival – Discard. Anyone who is not careful will pay the price by turning into a zombie.

The question is, “Where is the government that you have to lead?”. The answer was that everyone alive went underground. The terrestrial world is now under the control of zombies. All countries have declared disbandment. Now, everyone is in the same country. It was because there was no army, no leadership, that everything turned into unprecedented chaos.

Reinventing life

In the first step ò mod State of Survival – Discard, you put some people on the surface. As Sardge, you will lead the people. The ultimate task is to rebuild civilization for the world. A concentration area was built with a fence around it. After the fence has been built, let’s build simple works for production. Through these works, you will produce the necessary materials for building and serving life.

There aren’t too many ingredients for you to start with. Join Maddie armed with weapons and explore the world. Remember, your every move is under the watch of scary zombies. In each conquest, you will collect a lot of useful items and things to serve people’s lives. Not only that, but you also have the opportunity to explore the power of the zombies out there.

Reinventing life

Rescue your fellow human beings

Many people are unlucky when they are slow to get down to the bunker. They are completely alone and always have to fight against the scary zombies. During your conquests, you and Maddie will meet living people trying to resist the attack. Kill zombies and save them. Please bring them back to base and allow them to join your army.

The people you save will all have combat skills. Because of their loneliness, they are forced to stay strong and learn to fight. Surely these are the right people for your State of Survival – Discard army. Because more than anyone else, these people have a lot of experience in dealing with zombies. Surely, these are the guys who know the enemy better than anyone on your team.

Defense and research

Your enemy is a large number of zombies. They are incapable of thinking but can perceive life. Your base attracts their attention. They will attack in waves. Your job must be to put the army to defend each attack. Among the people you save, Willy and Becca are well suited to lead the army. They will know how to fight to repel the enemy.

At some point, your fence will become useless to the zombies. Please upgrade it, help the fence become stronger, more solid. In the meantime, do your research at the same time. Let’s create conditions for scientists to research and create serums against zombies. Serum tubes have the effect of avoiding turning into a zombie if infected with a virus. At the same time, it also has the effect of killing a series of zombies without spending too much effort.

Download State of Survival - Discard Mod Apk for Android

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Download State of Survival – Discard Mod Apk for Android

Once you have the serum, you and your teammates are getting closer to victory day. Life and development only return when you destroy the pathogens and zombies that exist on earth. Try to develop your special zone and gradually bring the people out of the ground. Implement socialization laws to calm the community and focus on repelling the epidemic. Be a great leader in State of Survival – Discard Mod Apk for Android!

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