Kingdom Rush Origins Mod Apk – Unlimited Money

By july.mod - Latest update August 7, 2021
Kingdom Rush Origins Mod Apk – Unlimited Money
Name Kingdom Rush Origins - Tower Defense Game
Version 5.1.04
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 188 MB
Requires Android
Category Strategy
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Publisher Ironhide Games
Publisher Ironhide Games,
Update August 7, 2021 (3 years ago)

Kingdom Rush is a classic strategy game that has stuck with many people’s childhoods. Since its launch, this game has achieved unexpected success. With tactical gameplay, attractive tower defense missions, the game attracts countless participants. After a period of launch, Kingdom Rush has had four more unique updates. Each version brings different experiences in construction and graphics. Kingdom Rush Origins Mod Apk is one of them.

Ironhide Games is the developer of the Kingdom Rush series. With the Kingdom Rush Origins version, Ironhide Games still drops players into a medieval kingdom. In this place, players will play a commander protecting the kingdom from monsters’ attacks. Battle turrets and heroes are tools to help you build a solid defense. Let’s explore Kingdom Rush Origins to capture the game before you decide to conquer it. Whether you’ve tried with versions of Kingdom Rush or not, you should not ignore this article.

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Kingdom Rush Origins with countless levels to explore

In addition to 15 main levels, Kingdom Rush Origins also has other attractive game modes. Mode 1 is considered the basic mode. It allows you to explore the mystical medieval world inhabited by elves. It would be best if you stopped the onslaught of monsters, evil witches, and tribes by building defensive towers and recruiting heroes. With modes 2 and 3, the difficulty will be raised more. Requires methodical tactics along with turrets and heroes that have been upgraded. More than 30 new enemy types and fiery boss battles are waiting for you to discover.

Style play

The gameplay of Kingdom Rush Origins is similar to Kingdom Rush. Players need to build turrets on the map each match to prevent monsters from attacking. There are countless ways monsters can appear. You need to choose strategic locations to place towers. That should be the place where most of the monsters pass, closest to where the monsters appear. This is a serious strategy game, and your decisions will lead to victory or defeat.

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In addition, players will be supported with two extreme skills, reinforcement and thunder. When the enemy’s attack is too strong, and the towers can’t withstand it, use these two supports. It will give you a small army that is quite strong to hold the enemy with reinforcement skills. The thunder skill gives you lightning energy from the sky. A very powerful lightning comb that can deal massive damage to enemies.

Features of some turrets

Each turret in this game will have different pros and cons. Gamers should learn them carefully before making a battle plan. Archer is an archer tower, has speed and long-range. It deals the most damage, as well as has a steady amount of DPS throughout the game. Priority should be placed in the front line, where the enemy pulls out. Barrack is home to three soldiers. It has the ability to withstand and hold the enemy very well, so it is suitable for placing in the center position. Mage tower is a magic tower. Although slow speed but high armor penetration ability. Stone Circle is the stoner. It deals medium damage but a wide range. Can kill multiple enemies at once.

Upgrade – more power

After each victory, the player will receive a gold star reward. The number of stars is decided based on the player’s performance. Gold stars help you upgrade the attributes of combat units. 4 items for turret upgrade and 2 items for skill upgrade. After being upgraded, all units are noticeably stronger. Do not focus too much on one type of tower or one skill, but upgrade evenly. The mission of the units in the battle is equally important, and so should the strength.

Upgrade - more power

Gnome Store

The Gnome Store is where you can find heroes and power-ups. From the beginning, gamers will be provided with 5 default heroes. However, there are many more heroes in the store that you can use the money to buy. Each hero has different strength and skill stats. Players can learn and buy more heroes they like. As for the power-ups, you have 6 options to own: Wrath of Elynie, Rod of Dragon Fire, Horn of Heroism, Teleport Scroll, Hand of Midas, Gem of Timewarp. Each of these power-ups can give you a tremendous amount of power. Get lots of diamonds to buy all 6 power-ups.

Download Kingdom Rush Origins Mod Apk for Android

Although built on the plot of Kingdom Rush, Kingdom Rush Origins still brings its own mark. The new storyline develops many interesting things, vivid graphics, and many amazing new skills. Download now Kingdom Rush Origins Mod Apk, build a defense that nothing can attack.

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