Alien Creeps TD Mod Apk – Unlimited Money

By july.mod - Latest update August 7, 2021
Alien Creeps TD Mod Apk – Unlimited Money
Name Alien Creeps TD - Epic tower defense
Version 2.31.2
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 96 MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Strategy
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Publisher Outplay Entertainment Ltd
Publisher Outplay Entertainment Ltd,
Update August 7, 2021 (3 years ago)

In today’s video game market, few strategy games are as comprehensive as  Alien Creeps TD Mod Apk. Not only has conquering gameplay, but it also stands out in terms of graphics and images. Alien Creeps TD will be a great choice for gamers to show their tactical talent through countless tower defense levels. Let’s discover all about this amazing game with me.

Alien Creeps TD is a successful game from the publisher Outplay Entertainment Ltd. Your mission in this game is to protect the main base from the attack of monsters. Many paths lead to bugs in the base, so you need to stop the monsters early before they get into the forbidden zone. Build state-of-the-art turrets and place infantry heroes, at key points. Be the best commander in Alien Creeps TD by getting 3 stars for all wins.

Alien Creeps TD

Defend with towers and warriors in Alien Creeps TD

In some other defensive strategy games, you can only use towers or use heroes to fight. However, in Alien Creeps, TD will be a combination of both these objects. Each monster attack will be more crowded, so combining heroes with turrets will better defensive performance. The main character in our game is Flank. This guy’s fighting power and skin must be said to be amazing. There are also many other strong characters for you to explore, such as  Roxie, Skybolt, Cinder, Oracle, Surge… Because to own a battle tower and a hero need gold coins, gamers need to calculate carefully and have a strategy. Reasonable.

Fight against monsters

Once the battle start button is pressed, the monsters will rush in like a storm. If you just started deploying the squad at that time, it will not be in time. So this work must be done in advance. Based on the terrain of each battle, calculate the most appropriate layout of warriors, infantry, and battle towers. It is recommended to place your tower and hero in the position closest to where the monsters appear. Preventing them right from the start will increase safety. The game mode allows you to have multiple heroes or infantry via helicopters.

Fight against monsters

Alien Creeps TD has 3 thrilling game modes. Gamers should practice skills as well as tactics to be able to try all of them. Go from easy to hard mode and experience the game’s many beautiful maps. In addition, you can choose to conquer 58 more beautiful limited-time challenges. Each of those challenges lasts for 2 minutes. Your task is to successfully defend the main base from being attacked by any monsters. You can experience more frenetic and explosive combat by playing at high speed with the boost feature.

Hero upgrade

Body armor, Grenade belt, Rage, Cs explosive, Bounty are necessary equipment for the character. The more the above items are upgraded, the stronger the warriors will be. Each level will have its own challenge or difficulty. So it is necessary to be fully equipped so that your character can improvise on his own. However, you cannot upgrade them from the beginning but need to reach certain levels. This adjustment prevents your character from being too strong for the difficulty of the level. That way, there is a challenge and excitement to play the game.

Weapon Upgrade

To make the defense more solid, it is necessary to upgrade the weaponry especially. The main weapons in this strategy game are Machine guns, Infantry, Laser, Rocket. Tesla Tower is a powerful fighting machine for you. It is capable of generating firepower and a full 360-degree attack. Arrange Tesla and other machines in strategic locations. Strengthens all gaps on the screen. Combine weapons and infantry heroes for a dense, solid defense.

Download Alien Creeps TD Mod Apk for Android

3D graphics and vibrant music

Coming to the game, gamers will experience extremely detailed 3D graphics. Every detail is meticulously considered by the manufacturer. The characters and weapons in the game all have a very nice appearance. The monsters are both ferocious but also funny. The battle effects and the attack of the monsters are authentic, very explosive. Combined with that are dramatic, charismatic music that stimulates the player’s hearing. These two factors make the fighting spirit of the players even more boiling and rising.

Download Alien Creeps TD Mod Apk for Android

Alien Creeps TD is a strategy game that can’t be more perfect! Everything from gameplay challenges to graphics, the sound is excellent. Command an army of heroes, infantry, defense towers, and many other modern weapons. Organize and plan comprehensive strategies for any unexpected challenges. Download now Alien Creeps TD Mod Apk to join this epic battle to save the earth.

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