Faily Brakes Mod Apk – Unlocked/Money

By august.mod - Latest update September 12, 2021
Faily Brakes Mod Apk – Unlocked/Money
Name Faily Brakes
Version 28.3
MOD Features Unlocked/Money
Size 93 MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Arcade
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Publisher Spunge Games Pty Ltd
Publisher Spunge Games Pty Ltd,
Update September 12, 2021 (3 years ago)

Faily Brakes Mod Apk is a game that gives you very unique and new gameplay. Spunge Games Pty Ltd has cleverly transformed the driving experience. Combining a little more fiction has created a beautiful and exciting game.

Join Faily Brakes Mod Apk, and you become a driver. Your task is to control your car forward. Overcome countless obstacles in the way. Overcome rugged terrains and put on excellent performances. Do everything you can to ensure that your car will stay intact and conquer all the challenges.

Faily Brakes

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Faily Brakes – Handle situations

Car enthusiast Phil Faily in Faily Brakes is on his way to a picnic. Suddenly, his car stalled while preparing to go down the hill. The slope is very high and highly precarious. Like Phil, you will have to try to control the car to complete the slope most safely. Dodge collisions with obstacles such as large rocks to avoid damage. You should remember, just a small mistake can cost you dearly.

Because the car is in a stalled state, so you will not be the master of speed. There aren’t any brake or accelerator buttons here. Simply turn left, and right are placed on either side of the screen. Use these two buttons to navigate the car away from obstacles. The most difficult situations can only be overcome with these two simple navigation buttons.

Confronting obstacles

It’s not just that you handle the situation well that wins. Many unexpected elements in mod Faily Brakes make it difficult for players to appear as obstacles. These obstacles play the sole role of destroying you. They often appear as rocks to knock you out if you are not careful and hit them. Sometimes, cars moving on the road are also difficult obstacles.

Just a small mistake will cause you to crash into these obstacles. Once there is a collision, the only way is to stop the game. Some soft obstacles also appear like trees to block your view. But if you crash into it, it’s not too ominous. You can continue your journey and win if you can. Sometimes, the precarious cliffs will create momentum for your car to fly around in the air. It is also the ultimate challenge that requires you to handle well to keep the bike balanced.

Confronting obstacles

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Destroy obstacles

As that said in Faily Brakes, there are a few obstacles that allow you to destroy them in a clash. A few trees, a few boxes, or maybe other things depending on the terrain. But inherently, your car is already incomplete. A lot of missing components make it difficult for you to destroy the obstacles. You will have to both avoid challenges and find tools to help.

The vehicle allows you to install some basic weapons. Maybe a simple machine gun, but it plays the role of clearing the way from a distance. This directly affects your visibility when visibility is open without having to approach obstacles. With the increasingly dense appearance of obstacles, weapons will effectively support you in this journey.

Unlock vehicles and character appearance

The cars in Faily Brakes Mod Apk are extremely unique. Not merely stopping at the usual model cars. Sometimes, the equipment in the car becomes pumpkins instead of the usual steering wheel and gear lever. By collecting coins that appear on the road, you will be allowed to unlock new and beautiful cars if eligible. A unique, new car is probably what makes the game more attractive.

Besides, the new costumes that help change Phil Faily’s appearance are also something that catches your attention. There are many cool and beautiful costumes available in the game’s store. How do you feel when a “penguin” Phil is driving? Or a Phil cop with a skilled car driver? It’s definitely amazing and worth a try, isn’t it?

Download Faily Brakes Mod Apk for Android

Download Faily Brakes Mod Apk for Android

It can be said that the experience that Faily Brakes Mod Apk for Android brings to players is unique and new. Ingenuity, as well as high concentration, are indispensable when you join the game. If you want to know the end of Phil Faily when he reaches the finish line, it may be difficult for you to realize that wish. Because of the endless levels of gameplay as well as the increasing difficulty of obstacles. That makes you falter and have to work hard to practice your skills. Be the first to discover Phil Faily’s end in Faily Brakes Mod Apk!

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