Cooking Fever – Restaurant Game Mod Apk – Unlimited Coins/Gems

By august.mod - Latest update August 24, 2021
Cooking Fever – Restaurant Game Mod Apk – Unlimited Coins/Gems
Name Cooking Fever – Restaurant Game
Version 13.0.0
MOD Features Unlimited Coins/Gems
Size 131 MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Arcade
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Publisher Nordcurrent
Publisher Nordcurrent,
Update August 24, 2021 (2 years ago)

Cooking Fever – Restaurant Game Mod Apk is a game that realistically simulates the activities in a restaurant. Nordcurrent has put what goes on in a restaurant into its game. This publisher has turned its game into a beautiful restaurant-themed game.

For those who love to cook, this is a great thing. Because many people love to cook, not everyone has enough time, money, and ingredients to pursue their passion. But with Cooking Fever – Restaurant Game Mod Apk, that is not far away anymore. By participating in the game, players will transform into talented chefs. With just your phone, you are fully capable of building, managing, and cooking delicious dishes for your own restaurant.

Cooking Fever – Restaurant Game

Cooking Fever – Restaurant Game – Become the chef king

As introduced, the basic nature of this game – Cooking Fever – Restaurant Game is to turn you into a super chef. Not just a boss, you will make the dishes that customers ask for yourself. Each dish will be like a challenge for you. The difficulty of each challenge will be gradually increased over time. That means that the dishes are becoming more and more luxurious and much more difficult. That means your restaurant has been raised in reputation.

Many dishes according to the customs of each country are included in the restaurant’s menu. From French, Australian, European to Asian dishes, you must be fluent in those dishes. A great chef is someone who can make delicious food accurately and quickly. Accompanied by great desserts, your restaurant will surely resonate in the hearts of diners. More importantly, your name will be known as a top chef.

Build a five-star restaurant

Not stopping at becoming a top chef, Cooking Fever – Restaurant Game Mod Apk also brings you into the experience of becoming a restaurant owner. Here, you will become a true boss. Your job is to manage every action in your restaurant. Thorough supervision from service, reception to the kitchen. You have to make sure that there aren’t any small flaws in your restaurant.

Absolutely avoid leaving a bad impression in customers’ eyes because your goal from the beginning is to build yourself a top-notch five-star restaurant. To do that, your restaurant must always have a certain professional atmosphere. To retain customers, it is necessary to satisfy them with the attitude to the food. Do everything perfectly to turn your restaurant into a real five-star restaurant.

Build a five-star restaurant

Restaurant upgrade

To bring your restaurant to the next level, you need to meet more in terms of facilities. With the restaurant’s reputation improved, the number of visitors was very large. That means you have to upgrade the restaurant to have enough seats for guests. Besides, you also have to expand the menu so that customers have more choices. Changes in the restaurant landscape are also extremely important. It will help retain customers and make them want to return to the restaurant.

Besides, in Cooking Fever – Restaurant Game, the number of guests coming is also the time when the kitchen becomes overloaded. You are forced to expand the kitchen space to meet the required amount. Upgrade the kitchen tools so that they give the fastest possible time to finish the dish. Only then will your kitchen be able to meet all customer requirements. From there, contributing to making the restaurant more famous and loved.

Overcoming challenges

More than 1400 different challenges are included in mod Cooking Fever – Restaurant Game to create difficulties for your restaurant. To become a good chef, you have to overcome all those difficulties. The other’s requirements are becoming denser and denser. They come with fast intensity and increasing difficulty. With regular upgrades, the kitchenware will qualify to meet those challenges. All the rest depends on your ability.

During the management of the kitchen, you must always be responsive to the requests of the guests. Receiving and processing these requests quickly is also the criterion of the game. Besides, you also have to take on the role of rearranging the interior of the restaurant. A restaurant with a simple and eye-catching design is also an ideal destination for all customers.

Download Cooking Fever - Restaurant Game Mod Apk for Android

Download Cooking Fever – Restaurant Game Mod Apk for Android

With attractive features and engaging gameplay, Cooking Fever – Restaurant Game Mod Apk for Android has gained great love from many players. All of them showed great interest in the playing experience that this game brings. You can build, manage, serve and develop your own restaurant as you like. Millions of downloads are probably enough to prove it. If you are a kitchen lover, quickly build your restaurant in Cooking Fever – Restaurant Game!

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