Ultimate Truck Simulator Mod Apk – Unlimited Money

By august.mod - Latest update September 7, 2021
Ultimate Truck Simulator Mod Apk – Unlimited Money
Name Ultimate Truck Simulator Mod
Version 1.1.3
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 146 MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Racing
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Publisher Sir Studios
Publisher Sir Studios,
Update September 7, 2021 (3 years ago)

Ultimate Truck Simulator Mod Apk – Driving is not an easy job, especially for beginners. This job requires the driver to have a steady steering wheel as well as the ability to concentrate. The more bulky the vehicle, the higher the difficulty. Especially the giant trucks. Those who drive these cars must have many years of accumulated experience by learning to drive well with smaller cars. It was both a difficult and persevering process.

You are someone who has an interest in big vehicles and wants to conquer them. But you do not have the opportunity or conditions to be able to learn to drive those vehicles. So why don’t you think of these work-related games? No need to study and practice hard. Also, there is no need to invest a large amount of money to buy a car to satisfy your passion. But still can experience the feeling of driving large vehicles most authentically. That game is not a strange game for those who love driving work, massive trucks. That is Ultimate Truck Simulator Mod Apk released and developed by Sir Studios.

Ultimate Truck Simulator

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Ultimate Truck Simulator – Discover new car lines

Referring to trucks, how many models of this vehicle do you know? Very few people know what types of trucks there are that call them trucks. Coming to Ultimate Truck Simulator, you will be able to play and learn new things about this vehicle for free. You will know that trucks are more than just trucks, as you might think. But trucks also have other vehicles with bizarre names, such as racing trucks, off-road vehicles, or rocket trucks,…You will learn all the cool things about trucks with just one game. Interesting, is not it?

Discover new car lines

Simple gameplay

At the start of the game Ultimate Truck Simulator, you will choose the type of vehicle you want to control. Of course, you will be limited in choice because vehicles you have to earn money to unlock. Next are the game modes. You have two options: Career mode (play alone) or Online mode (play with other online players). Suppose you are a first-time player. I recommend playing in Career mode to practice your steering and improve your skills first. When you have enough confidence in your abilities already, you can try your hand in Online mode to interact with opponents from many different places.

After selecting the game mode, a map image will appear in the left corner of the screen. It is a map of the road that you must cross, including the turns. And warn about dangerous obstacles. Looking down at the left corner will be the steering wheel to control the truck. The right side includes the speedometer and braking or acceleration functions. Your job is to master the functions. To steer the vehicle to its destination safely. More specifically, you can also choose how to control the car. There are two options for you to use the functions mentioned above. Or control by tilting the phone left and right to adjust the direction.

Simple gameplay

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Face the challenge

Do you think you can start playing just by choosing a car and then learning how to control it fluently? That’s true, but wouldn’t that be boring? Ultimate Truck Simulator is not just that. Sir Studios is a producer who loves adventure, and its games must also meet that criterion. Create interesting, new things to stimulate players. Specifically, in Ultimate Truck Simulator, you do not simply control a truck and bring it to the finish line. Called a truck, it must be carrying goods in the back.

But in this game, goods will become weapons to increase the drama during the game. Luckily, you get to carry parcels that are neatly packed in blocks. Otherwise, you will have to load the back of your car with a giant tree that fills the entire length of the back of the car, or another car has a problem that needs to be taken to a repair place. All of these will become challenges during your car control.

Download Ultimate Truck Simulator Mod Apk for Android

Download Ultimate Truck Simulator Mod Apk for Android

Experience the most realistic feeling when driving huge vehicles are trucks. Learn the basics of this vehicle. What are you waiting for? Download Ultimate Truck Simulator Mod Apk to your device and experience it right away.

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