Grow Castle – Tower Defense Mod Apk – Unlimited Coins

By july.mod - Latest update August 7, 2021
Grow Castle – Tower Defense Mod Apk – Unlimited Coins
Name Grow Castle - Tower Defense
Version 1.35.2
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Size 41 MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action, Arcade
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Publisher RAON GAMES
Publisher RAON GAMES,
Genre ,
Update August 7, 2021 (3 years ago)
  • Unlimited coins to spend
  • Fast level up
  • Bought “Auto battle”

A particular kingdom is very peaceful. Suddenly one day, an army of monsters came from nowhere. They tried to break down the protective wall. At this time, the people here desperately need your leadership. So join the Grow Castle – Tower Defense and try to help the people repel the monsters. The game is built in a traditional but equally attractive way. This tower defense genre is sure to interest many people. And who knows, it could also be you.

Set in ancient times. An army of powerful monsters is invading the surrounding countries. They engulf those peaceful nations in massacres of their people. Maybe their next target will be your country. Destruction is inevitable. But fortunately, you have been warned about these kites. Could you do something before it’s too late?

Grow Castle - Tower Defense


Like many other wall defense games, Grow Castle Mod Apk provides you with many different levels of play. Each game screen will be divided into many separate attacks. The first will be simple instructions to help you gradually get used to the game. This attack will take place with a small number of enemy troops and weak attack power. After that, the next wave of attacks will show you the challenge of this game.

The later the attacks, the more the number of enemies increases. Monsters with the most terrible power will appear. Sometimes, giants will also come and join the fight. The attack power of these vandals is also no joke. You have to upgrade your defenses quickly. Not only that, strengthen your army. Upgrading the central tower also greatly increases your power.

Tower defense

The entire tower will be divided into two types in this game: central tower and secondary tower. The main building plays a significant role that you need to work hard to protect. This tower has such great power that it will surprise you. It possesses a lot of special moves and can put a lot of defensive troops on it. Destroying the central tower also means that you fail the level.

The side tower is just the outer tower. This tower is divided into many types. Each type of sub-tower will bring separate energy. The amount of soldiers that this tower can hold is also very modest. Usually, the secondary buildings will be the perfect shield to help protect the central tower. Try to build as many sub-towers in front of you and buy a lot of time to help the main building and the army destroy the enemy.

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Dangerous Enemy

As for the enemies, they are not easy things to deal with. The sad news is that they are the ones that keep getting stronger and show no sign of giving in. Bosses will appear at pre-set times. These guys are big with more HP and damage. This is a remarkable enemy, and you should do your best to destroy them as quickly as possible. Don’t let them reach the tower. Otherwise, the danger will be a lot.

If you think bosses are the worst thing about the enemy, you are wrong. These vandals are also capable of building towers and summoning witches themselves. The witch will make the enemy much stronger. She will continuously cast spells. Accompanied by those spells, the basic stats of the enemy are increased. The increased attack speed, health, and defense will make enemies scary. Be careful, and it will be hard!

Soldiers and Challenges

There are many types of troops brought into the game. Each class has different functions and powers. There are more than 120 types of soldiers for you to choose from and get into battle. Mages can freeze enemies and hold them back. Archers can attack enemies with bows and arrows. The stone man can throw large rocks to hurt the enemy… There are many other soldiers with different powers that you should discover.

Besides the fiery levels, the challenge system is a great thing. You will be competing against real people on a worldwide leaderboard. Here, instead of you fighting monsters, your opponent will be the enemy’s soldiers. Try to use reasonable tactics. Tower arrangements, as well as valuable upgrades for allies, will be the key to great victory.

Soldiers and Challenges

※ Features

Online guild system

Real-time rankings

Hero promotion system

Addictive without reason

Build your own castle

Download Grow Castle Mod Apk for Android

All that is expected is included in Grow Castle Mod Apk ideally, making players unable to refuse. It will be very addictive if you join the fight. The game system is designed to be simple, but the strategy of the game does not change. Use tactics wisely to reach the highest peak in Grow Castle. Download Grow Castle Mod Apk and conquer the top right now!

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