TerraGenesis – Space Settlers Mod Apk – Unlimited Money

By august.mod - Latest update September 6, 2021
TerraGenesis – Space Settlers Mod Apk – Unlimited Money
Name TerraGenesis - Space Settlers
Version 6.09
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 139 MB
Requires Android
Category Simulation
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Publisher Tilting Point
Publisher Tilting Point,
Update September 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
MOD info
  • Genesis Points increase when spent

The universe is a highly mysterious place that we have yet to exploit to its full potential. Human civilizations can develop anywhere, even on the most outer planets in the solar system. But what if TerraGenesis – Space Settlers Mod Apk provides you with what you need? The conditions for you to spread life everywhere and witness the formation. Discover interesting hypothetical situations that will happen shortly.

TerraGenesis – Space Settlers is a simulation game developed by Tilting Point. Everything in the game is simulated according to the vast universe image. It will be like a place where you can comfortably do the work you want. Photographs are reproduced in detail with accurate information. Provide a certain amount of knowledge to everyone during the game. Make the dream of flying into space more widespread.

TerraGenesis - Space Settlers

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TerraGenesis – Space Settlers – Create a living environment

The earth is becoming more crowded, and it isn’t easy to accommodate many more individuals. So we need to find a suitable place to live. The searchers split into four factions with different ideologies and technologies. You will choose one of these four slots and begin the process of building new shelters. Create an environment suitable and full of gravity and food for human development. Your people will struggle to survive in a dangerous environment. Fight your enemies and build a new, more substantial empire step by step.

Create a template for your planet by managing its resource elements from the air, gravity, sea level, and high-value minerals. It can melt ice blocks to form large oceans, creating conditions for wave creatures to develop and evolve.

Appointment of governors

After your civilization has become too developed, then we need a manager. It is the talented governors who can help speed up development. Each governor brings specific influences to your civilization. For example, an increase in population growth, an increase or decrease in temperature or pressure. They can also grow biomass to make production facilities more robust. Creating city building effects is exceptionally beneficial for developing technology. Find yourself a governor that fits what you need. They will help you a lot in the most critical work in TerraGenesis – Space Settlers Mod Apk.

Appointment of governors

New Worlds

New worlds are potential environments for you to develop your empire. They will be divided into planets in the solar system such as Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Earth, Ragnarok, or Lethe. Each world has its unique type of environmental condition. Some planets are suitable for rapid development, but some need to be tamed. One of the most challenging planets to tame is Ragnarok, with its toxic surrounding but rich in metals. Not only that, we have a few other extraterrestrial civilizations. You can choose to make peace with them or plan to enslave these planets.

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New life forms

Not only people but you also can diversify the living environment. In your inventory will be available genes of several different creatures. They can live both on land and in water. So it would be best if you created the right conditions for these environments. Blends harmoniously so that organisms can live together. Even an entire planet with a single species on it. Witness the strong growth and evolution of each population. Create many good conditions to see how far each living creature can go in the races’ journey.

Download TerraGenesis - Space Settlers Mod Apk for Android

Download TerraGenesis – Space Settlers Mod Apk for Android

Any civilization will have to come to an end. That is the law of nature. But you can change this very effectively. That is to change the orbits of the planets and create extremely modern defense and warning systems. Together with TerraGenesis – Space Settlers Mod Apk, become an almighty creator.

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