Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery Mod Apk – Energy/Coins/Stars

By august.mod - Latest update September 7, 2021
Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery Mod Apk – Energy/Coins/Stars
Name Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery - Hidden Object Game
Version 1.1.68
MOD Features Energy/Coins/Stars
Size 143 MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Adventure
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Publisher Tilting Point
Publisher Tilting Point,
Update September 7, 2021 (3 years ago)

Do you dream of one day becoming a manager of a hotel? What will you do to help that hotel grow? Let’s experience Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery Mod Apk to find the answer.

Produced by Tilting Point, Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery is an object-finding game. Players will take on the role of a guy who inherits an outdated hotel. And your task is to find a way to restore the hotel to its lost glory.

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery – Fascinating storyline

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery begins with the disappearance of the owner of a large hotel. As a result, his grandson will be given full ownership of the property. You will be playing the heir of this mansion. This sounds like a great opportunity, but it really isn’t. The place you came to has now become a rundown building, dirty as a ruin. Not knowing what to do, a housekeeper named Oliver came to explain everything. If you want to restore your hotel, you’ll have to start the entire cleanup from scratch.

The player’s task is to do exactly what the butler asks. Obviously, you’re just doing this for the sake of rebuilding your career. At the same time, through the mysteries in the hotel, try to find out about the disappearance of the grandfather.

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Build a career

Although it’s an adventure game, I personally find Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery more of a puzzle. The items in the game will be dropped anywhere in this hotel. As described above, players will have to find the required items and then arrange them again. Indeed, the search in these ruins is a huge challenge. Not only that, but you also have to clean the entire hotel. That old housekeeper will have dozens of tasks to do such as cleaning from the bedroom, living room to the garden outside.

After you’ve done everything as a servant, you’ll finally have the power to make your own decisions. At this point, the player should redesign the entire hotel. You can manually upgrade and run everything inside and out. So try to be able to restore the former glory, turning this place into a high-class resort.

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery

Deserving award

Of course, players do not have to work for free, there will be rewards for their efforts. Each time you do a task well within the allotted time, you will receive a star. The more stars you accumulate, the more attractive gifts you will receive. In addition, there are gold coins scattered throughout the house, don’t forget to pick them up to shop for yourself. The more we work, the more we will enjoy this job. So never get discouraged in your search.

Players will begin to be able to manage the hotel themselves when they have enough stars. Choose for yourself the most beautiful items to decorate your property, of course, they must be suitable for your pocket. A high-class hotel must have luxurious furniture and warm rooms. If you are a plant lover, the store also has hundreds of different plants to choose from.

Deserving award

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Excellent graphics

Possessing beautiful 2D graphics, and a large, easy-to-see space. Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery Mod Apk will definitely bring the best experience. Colors are distributed harmoniously, making viewers feel overwhelmed by the luxury and splendor. The interior in the game also looks extremely realistic, creating luxury for the hotel. However, it still retains its antiquity and age as a distinctive feature.

The sound in the game is also very suitable for the ancient features of the hotel. The sad melody seems to touch our hearts. Perhaps no matter what difficulties we face, just hearing those sounds is enough to make us happy. No need for expensive trips, players can also experience the feeling of nobility right in their own home.

Download Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery Mod Apk for Android

Download Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery Mod Apk for Android

It can be said that Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery is comprehensive in all aspects. From the fascinating storyline, interesting missions to the in-game graphics. Players will have to use all their intelligence to be able to solve the puzzles that the game offers. If you are a fan of luxury hotels and enjoy the feeling of adventure in every room, download Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery Mod Apk now. A huge treasure is hidden waiting for you to discover.

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