Make More! Mod Apk – Unlimited Money

By july.mod - Latest update September 7, 2021
Make More! Mod Apk – Unlimited Money
Name Make More! – Idle Manager
Version 3.0.11
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 29 MB
Requires Android 4.1+
Category Simulation
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Publisher Bad Crane
Publisher Bad Crane,
Update September 7, 2021 (3 years ago)

Have you ever intended to open a big factory? Do you know how to operate and manage employees? Then come to Make More! Mod Apk to experience the feeling of a boss.

Make More! is a game in the category of human resource management. Here you will play as a boss with the ambition to create a global business. It is easy to understand, and it takes a strict owner for a business to grow. Therefore, he has a short temper and often forces employees to work with extremely high frequency. ; Are you confident in your management skills? Let’s try this game together.

Make More! – Try to be the boss

Now that you are a big boss, what will you do to run this business? Of course, a boss must have prestige. You have to show that authority by giving orders to your subordinates. Of course, it is not possible to use gentle words. Players will have to repeatedly click on the screen to order their subordinates to work. The more you click, the faster employees will have to work. They will have to do all kinds of work, such as producing rubber ducks, padlocks, or car tires.

A production line will occur; as soon as you earn money, you can use them to expand the production scale. For example, hiring more employees, investing in infrastructure with advanced equipment. But do not force your employees to work too hard because everyone is limited.

Make More!

Can you show your majesty?

For a boss, expressing his voice is very important. Many people think that a great boss has to yell at employees. However, with such bosses, employees’ rate of being hated and leaving the job will be extremely high. Be a good boss, care about the health of your employees, and do not force them to work continuously without rest.

However, you are the superior who is running those employees anyway. So show “cruelty” whenever necessary. There must always be a combination of seriousness and mentality in work. In my opinion, that is the most effective way to work for a leader.

Can you show your majesty?

Build a new factory

Although they have earned enough money, it seems that young entrepreneurs will not stop. Surely, once they have earned enough money, everyone wants to expand the scale. In Make More! Players will have the right to expand production with the money further they have earned. Of course, the larger the scale, the higher the amount to be paid. But at the same time, the productivity of making products will certainly be much greater than before. In addition, one boss certainly cannot run many different factories alone. Therefore, players need to recruit new managers constantly.

However, not every investment in the factory will definitely make a lot of money. A wise boss must know how to choose smart cash flow. Avoid laying off employees to save money on facilities; otherwise, the risk of bankruptcy is huge.

Train more workers

The population is increasing day by day, so the demand for jobs is also growing strongly. That’s why in Make More! Players will never have to worry about finding human resources. Because every day, there will be dozens of people applying to work at your place. However, most of them are quite young people, so their skills are not high. Therefore, in the first time, players will need to spend a lot of time training staff. And among them will be many friends who are forced to leave their jobs.

Although the first period of training may be difficult, the effect will certainly be enormous. The more workers, the greater the productivity of goods will certainly be greater. Think about it, if you train 100 workers, how much will be sold.

Download Make More! Mod Apk for Android

Download Make More! Mod Apk for Android

If you owned a large factory with hundreds of employees, what would you do first? With Make More! Surely you will understand the feeling that any business must go through. Obviously, they won’t be as pink as people think. If you want to learn more about business administration, download Make More! Mod Apk now to experience the feeling of being a big boss every day.

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