METAL SLUG ATTACK Mod Apk – Menu, Unlimited AP, No Skill CD

By july.mod - Latest update September 1, 2021
METAL SLUG ATTACK Mod Apk – Menu, Unlimited AP, No Skill CD
Version 6.11.0
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited AP, No Skill CD
Size 76 MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Strategy
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Update September 1, 2021 (3 years ago)
  • Menu added
  • AP increases when spent
  • No Skill CoolDown
  • No ads

In the 70s and 80s, arcade games were very popular and popular among young people. However, according to the change and development of technology, today’s arcade game consoles are no longer popular. Instead, there are online games on the phone. But if you are curious and want to experience the feeling of playing games on arcade machines, then try Metal Slug Attack Mod Apk.

This is a classic strategy game. The fighting style will bring players to participate in fierce, bloody battles. Are you ready to fight hard with Metal Slug Attack?

This game is produced by SNK CORPORATION – a famous Japanese video game software company. Previously the company mainly produced arcade game consoles but later changed direction to mobile games. Some classic SNK-branded games include Art of Fighting, Metal Slug, World Heroes, The King of Fighters. Because of the development of arcade games, SNK’s video games also have a classic style. Let’s see what is special and interesting about Metal Slug Attack Mod Apk.


Arcade game style

The publisher of Metal Slug Attack uses the same classic graphics and gameplay as arcade machines. Players will be involved in tower defense missions in the Metal Slug universe. The control of the game is very simple and easy to understand.

Players only need to make investment decisions when buying soldiers and combat vehicles. Then your 2D dot pixel characters will rush in and fight the enemy troops. The top and fierce battles will take place. In addition to making your own decisions, you can refer to the support system. This amazing feature will provide players with insightful strategies. This will increase the fun for each level.

Exciting quest

Are you ready to overcome the missions of Metal Slug Attack? The game has different types of missions that are very diverse. Depending on the game mode you choose, Metal Slug Attack will bring its own experience.

The typical mission is to liberate military bases occupied by the Morden Army. Besides, you can participate in treasure hunt missions with the treasure hunt. Fight with friends to rescue the school at team fight school. Or you can also join the team-based POW rescue. Regardless of the mission and mode, players will be free to design for themselves the most powerful army. Let’s create sweeping battles that frighten the enemy.

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Character equipment

Your character needs to upgrade to become stronger and more powerful. Collect items and bonuses after each match. Use them to upgrade your characters. After leveling up the characters can unlock more skills as well as increase their strength.

Create yourself an army with powerful and impressive warriors. Besides, don’t forget your battle machines. Make them more modern, powerful, dangerous to have earth-shaking attacks. With fights at higher levels, you can confidently win. No matter how many and strong the enemy is, they will be kicked and blown up.

Metal Slug Attack level-up your units

Play with teammates

Now the trend of playing online games, focusing on battle royale is very popular with everyone. However, Metal Slug Attack is still loyal to the co-op gameplay. That’s right, besides being able to play the game alone, you can play with your teammates.

This brings value in connecting players with friends and family. Metal Slug Attack will have separate missions for team players. Join the guild raid or special OPS mode. During the game, you and your teammates can chat together right in the game. Let’s create the best and best team, you will have unforgettable moments.

Download Metal Slug Attack Mod Apk for Android

Are you curious about the classic gameplay and visuals of Metal Slug Attack? Let’s experience to know what an arcade game feels like! Download now Metal Slug Attack Mod Apk to participate in the most classic battles of all time.

You won’t be alone. Joining close friends is a great idea. Wish you will have great moments with your friends at Metal Slug Attack Mod Apk.

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