Lost Island: Blast Adventure Mod Apk – Unlimited Lives

By july.mod - Latest update August 7, 2021
Lost Island: Blast Adventure Mod Apk – Unlimited Lives
Name Lost Island: Blast Adventure
Version 1.1.980
MOD Features Unlimited Lives
Size 163 MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Casual
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Publisher Plarium Global Ltd
Publisher Plarium Global Ltd,
Update August 7, 2021 (3 years ago)
  • Lives increase when using

You want to have a vast land to enjoy doing what you want. Then follow and join the world of Lost Island Mod Apk now. The game will open you to a large island. This place contains a lot of new things for you to open your eyes to.

But at first, it looked quite wild, surrounded by only sand and seawater. Your task is to start construction to create beauty for this land. After observing closely, you realize that this place has a very poetic landscape.

At that time, you need to come up with ideas to turn this island into the most livable place. Hand-built perfect works to be a destination to attract many tourists.

Lost Island: Blast Adventure

Lost Island Mod Apk has straightforward gameplay, and you will be able to test it right after you download it. Do everything according to the plan you set out earlier. Don’t forget to speed up the building process, so you don’t lose your chance.

If you don’t have a lot of experience to do it, that’s okay too. Lost Island: Blast Adventure will provide you with all the skills you lack to start your route. Let’s apply it to the task. Surely you will also be surprised by the results that you create.

Create your dream city

The main task when you arrive on this unspoiled island is to recreate it. Lost Island will open up a view from above to facilitate comprehensive observation. Please don’t waste this spacious area; use it to make it a paradise.

You can start construction from side works such as creating a garden with many colors, planting more trees,… Then, let’s build bigger things like villas, creating molds. Park, jungle,… Everything you’re doing will open up a completely different land than before.

There are many extremely bold and outstanding changes. It is your constant creativity that has put on a new identity for this island. The beauty you’ve always wanted is slowly showing up.

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Experience with friends

At Lost Island, you won’t be alone. There are a lot of other people here who really want to get to know you. Adding friends is more fun.

Open your heart and accept it. Having great friends makes this journey even more enjoyable. They will share the work with you.

The best moments are gradually unfolding. The adventure with many memorable memories will be the mark before reaching the goal.

Surely you will have a lot of questions about the mysterious stories at Lost Island. Then prepare a backpack to travel to discover what the truth is. Going to find out about the issue you are interested in will be extremely interesting and worth the experience.

The friends present here will be there to help any time you need it. In some cases where friends have problems, you can also handle and support them. That friendship will become closer and closer when participating in helping each other.

Any problems that will be solved from there will get the best results.

experience with friends

Try your hand at minigames

Get more when participating in the attractive minigame with Lost Island right now. With the familiar match-3 gameplay, you can start experiencing it right away. When completing the mission, you will receive a great gift that the casual game brings.

Countless items and gold coins are waiting for you. In addition, you will travel through fanciful regions. Players will set foot in new locations such as Lighthouse Bay, Goldshell Beach, Botanical Garden, Cinderworth Mansion, etc.

Each location is decorated in different ways. You will see fresh designs. So you will never be disappointed with the scenery here.

Download Lost Island MOD APK for Android

Do the construction work yourself to create a completely new island. All your efforts will bring the best results. This place will have a beautiful, admirable landscape.

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