Great Conqueror Mod Apk – Unlimited Gold, Medals

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Great Conqueror Mod Apk – Unlimited Gold, Medals
Name Great Conqueror:Rome - Civilization Strategy Game
Version 1.5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Gold, Medals
Size 91 MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Strategy
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Publisher EasyTech
Publisher EasyTech,
Update August 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
  • Unlimited Gold, Medals

Talking about the most powerful military empires, certainly indispensable Roman empire Rome. Although it existed a long time ago, it is still an epic legend. To become such a powerful empire was not easy for the Romans. War is inevitable for them. Let Great Conqueror Mod Apk help you go back in time and learn about this country.

Great Conqueror is a war game produced by EasyTech. This is a name that is too familiar to strategy game enthusiasts when owning the European War series; Fortress Under Siege; Glory of Generals. You don’t have to wonder that EasyTech makes such a series of strategy games that the games are similar and overlapping.

Great Conqueror was blown a whole new wind. You will be dropped into the unique ancient Roman era. Take the role of an outstanding commander to help Rome conquer all lands.

Great Conqueror:Rome - Civilization Strategy Game

Historical background

Roman history begins in a small village in central Italy. After developing into the capital, they made conquests. As a result, Rome controlled a large area, including Italy, Southern Europe, the Middle East, and Egypt.

From there, it became the most powerful empire in the world. The Great Conqueror was inspired by the formation and development of this empire. The game will allow you to join the journey to conquer the world with the army of Rome.

To maintain the dominance of Rome, as a commander, you need to build an army, develop the economy, make weapons. You can only choose: win to become the ruler or fail and become a slave.

Thinking tactical gameplay

A little bit about the gameplay of Great Conqueror, new players need to pay special attention. This is a strategy game that needs logical thinking. Build and grow your empire to be powerful.

Do all the work a leader needs to do. Responsible for all matters of the kingdom such as economy, food, defense, especially the army. Defend Rome from the invasion of neighboring countries. Simultaneously conquer other countries to expand your empire.

Remember, Rome cannot be built in a day or two. Gamers need to take each step firmly in this process. Build each important place like the Arc de Triomphe, the Colosseum, the Pantheon.

Train infantry, cavalry, archers, and navy equally in combat power. Cultivate a unique commanding strategy, master skills, and flexibly control the battle. Time and hard practice will forge these abilities.

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The Roman Empire Rome had a supreme institution that was the senate. This is the agency that will issue the tasks for you. Complete them, and you will receive attractive rewards.

After each achievement, you will receive battle flags and treasure. Use them to upgrade your fighting skills, the strength of your generals.

Campaign mode

If you are a history enthusiast of ancient Rome, you should come to this mode right away. The campaign mode in Great Conqueror will recreate hundreds of the most typical battles of the Roman Empire during the conquest of Europe. You won’t be a visitor here.

You’re in charge of everything. Show military talent through wars such as Spartacus’s uprising, Gaul’s conquest, Caesar’s civil war, Antony’s civil war. Are you ready to change and make Roman history even greater?

Conquest mode

Europe appears more and more empires such as the Carthaginian empire, the German people, the Gaul tribes. Everyone wants to be the top and strongest empire. They want to defeat Rome and erase its throne.

But with your appearance, that will not happen. Command the war to unify all existing empires. Show them who really is the strongest empire. Win the noble title by completing the stages of the conquest mode.

Conquest mode

Explorer mode

Expedition mode allows you to join the endless adventure in the territory of Europe. Send your army to any country you want. Of course, that country will protest and refuse this visit.

It would be best if you defeated their army to continue your journey. Quickly deploy forces, bring into play all military advantages.

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In the past, Rome was defeated by the Ottomans at the Battle of Constantinople. However, you can completely rewrite the history of the Rome empire in this game. Come up with strategies only you can think of to restore hundreds of battles. Make great conquests at every stop.

There is nothing better than commanding the mighty army of Rome in the Great Conqueror Mod Apk. Master, all military fronts, build a powerful empire for yourself.

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