DEEMO Mod Apk – Full Unlocked

By july.mod - Latest update August 7, 2021
DEEMO Mod Apk – Full Unlocked
Version 4.0.5
MOD Features Full Unlocked
Size 2 GB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Music
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Publisher Rayark International Limited
Publisher Rayark International Limited,
Update August 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
  • Unlock full VIP, full playlist
  • Bypass license check
  • AppGuard anti-tamper is ignored

It’s rare for any music game to have a deep and in-depth storyline. We’ve seen a handful of such titles, notably the Cytus series. And again, from the developer of Cytus, we have the DEEMO Mod Apk. Although this is a completely separate game from Cytus, you will still feel many similarities in DEEMO.

This music game not only lets you create your own tunes, but it also tells you a romantic story of characters in a strange world. It is not natural that it attracts more than 10 million such players.

DEEMO is about a girl who suddenly fell from the sky. A young man witnessed that strange scene. The girl has no memory of her past or her background from that moment, the adventure of the two begins. In the process of searching for the mysterious girl’s memories, they will encounter many events. Then you have to rely on your own hands and musical reflexes. Push everything beyond the limits, feel the music really flowing in the stream of thoughts.


Beautiful, attractive interface

Takes you on the adventure of the books. Each book is a chapter about the journey in the plot. You must pass these books by completing all the levels contained in them. The levels represent a song and its own background image.

Depending on the stage you play, the difficulty level will be clearly divided. Maybe in the first stories, the game will be easy to control and simple. But DEEMO does not limit the player’s experience to such levels. The important thing is that you can break through all, then climb to a whole new level or not.

Massive music volume

Currently, DEEMO owns more than 220 different songs. It belongs to all genres available on the world music scene, with more than 60 unlocked cards available when players start the game. You will not have to worry about the lack of music for yourself to enjoy.

Multi-genre songs come from many different artists, so their style will be evident in the levels. The difficulty level will, of course, also have a clear distinction. That’s why it creates a certain attraction for gamers. Especially for rhythm gamers, there will be a new challenge to experience. If you have the opportunity to complete all the songs in DEEMO, your level will be amazing.

DEEMO - music game for android

Rhythm on notes and fingers

All songs will have an identical play. You enter a strange space. There will be musical notes running through an endless line. When the song starts, tap the notes so that they match the line.

From there, it is possible to create the melodies of a complete song. This may be quite simple at first, but the more you play, the more the level will increase. You will have to control every pounding note with both your hands. Flexibility and ingenuity are shown in songs with a fast tempo. When the song ends, it will also be time to evaluate your play. If you get an A or above, you’ve got an impressive performance.

Going to events and endings

Each time you complete multiple consecutive songs, you will unlock the next events in the story. The game will switch scenes for you to track the details connected. You will encounter a lot of characters, and unexpected events will happen.

However, if you are not too interested in the story, you can play other side stories. Or enjoy the music. But believe me, the story in DEEMO is intense and pure. Following the girl’s journey to regain her memories are the souls and aspirations expressed extremely emotionally. Guaranteed after only a few events, you will stick and follow the story to a happy ending.

going to events and endings

Download DEEMO Mod Apk for Android

Overall, DEEMO is still a good rhythm game and worth a try. By combining with compelling fiction storyline to bring players to many unexpected events. The way the game’s world is built, though not large, is deep enough for everyone to ponder. DEEMO Mod Apk deserves to be a work of art and a great game.

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