Beat Fire – EDM Music Mod Apk – Unlimited Coins

By august.mod - Latest update September 7, 2021
Beat Fire – EDM Music Mod Apk – Unlimited Coins
Name Beat Fire - EDM Music & Gun Sounds
Version 1.1.70
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Size 38 MB
Requires Android 4.1+
Category Music
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Publisher Adaric Music
Publisher Adaric Music,
Update September 7, 2021 (3 years ago)

Beat Fire – EDM Music Mod Apk is a famous and beautiful music game. Adaric Music has been extremely creative and skillful when turning its game into a highly entertaining game. It can both help players participate in a game and can provide extremely relaxing music.

Join the game, and you will experience the feeling of playing music in a new style. Conquer all songs of all genres. From old music, young music to modern EDM music. Whatever song you want, the game’s music library is always ready to respond in the highest quality. Each song is selected, you will be able to interact with it to the fullest extent fully.

Beat Fire - EDM Music

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Beat Fire – EDM Music – Familiar gameplay

He was possessing gameplay that is both strange and familiar. The familiarity comes from the game’s requirements for gamers. You will have to choose a track to start playing. The player must try to hit the blocks that appear in front of his eyes during the game. Here, gunfire will sound like drums in a song. This sound will blend with the melody of the song in the best way.

The novelty comes from the weapons that you will use to interact with the blocks. Instead of using hammers, axes, swords like other games, Beat Fire’s weapons – EDM Music are guns. This can also be considered as a game to help excellent sharpshooters satisfy their passion.

Enjoy the music

Beat Fire’s music space – EDM Music Mod Apk will definitely not let you down. With the appearance of thousands of cheerful and extremely catchy songs in my library. The relaxing experience with Beat Fire – EDM Music is extremely great. There is nothing like a place for you to indulge your passion for shooting and let you mingle with your favorite music.

The songs in Beat Fire – EDM Music are all tracks with the highest sound quality. Therefore, the experience of listening to music from the game is completely similar to the top music player applications. The variety of songs makes none of your searches return any results. Perhaps this is also a point that many people love. Even better, you can listen to music directly from your device and bring them to the levels.

Enjoy the music

Constantly updated

The publisher does not want the game’s music store to be outdated. Therefore, the latest songs are always updated quickly and timely. Because of this quick update, the game has attracted a lot of music fans. From top favorite artists like BTS, Black Pink,…

Lots of ways to choose your favorite song and play it in a shooting style. It can be directly entering the name of the song you want and starting things up. It is also possible to choose from a list of available songs in the game. Or, if you wish randomness, choose the level mode. With this mode, songs will be selected at random. In addition, the appearance speed of the boxes also becomes faster over time. It was a challenge.

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Change background and weapons

The primary color of Beat Fire – EDM Music is dreamy purple. It gives players an extremely light and comfortable gaming feeling. For purple lovers, this is the best. But if you don’t like this color, change it to blue in Wonder Garden. But the $0.99 price tag is relatively high for one change. So consider carefully.

Besides, you also have the opportunity to experience the game’s great arsenal with more than ten different gun models with distinct and unique design styles. Each gun has its own unique and beautiful effect. But not everything is free. After each level, an amount of gold will be given to you. Accumulating some time, you will have enough money and buy yourself your favorite guns.

Download Beat Fire - EDM Music Mod Apk for Android

Download Beat Fire – EDM Music Mod Apk for Android

The transformation of the shape of the bricks to the song’s tune also makes the game much more interesting. From squares to triangles, then stars. Undeniably, the falling bricks combine with the melody of the song correctly. That creates a feeling of playing the game extremely attractive, interesting, and entertaining. To describe in words can not be enough with what the game gives you. Download and experience for yourself everything in Beat Fire – EDM Music Mod Apk!

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