Beat Blade: Dash Dance Mod Apk – Unlimited Coins

By july.mod - Latest update August 7, 2021
Beat Blade: Dash Dance Mod Apk – Unlimited Coins
Name Beat Blade: Dash Dance
Version 2.5.5
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Size 106 MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Music
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Publisher BattleCry HQ Studio
Publisher BattleCry HQ Studio,
Update August 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
  • Unlimited coins
  • All weapons are open
  • Purchased paid Blade Pass and disabled ads
  • Get free stuff without seeing ads

Race to the beat of the music in a colorful style. Beat Blade: Dash Dance Mod Apk is making hundreds of thousands of players experience. The visual details are staged in a sophisticated and fanciful way to make you fall in love with this Beat Blade: Dash Dance game. The boxy squares will be everyone’s goal. Holding in hand are different holy swords with beautiful appearance, smash the floating squares in the air to reach the next level.

Besides games like DEEMO, Magic Tiles 3 or Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!. Beat Blade: Dash Dance is your first choice when it comes to the music game genre. In this game, not only can good music be able to listen to a good song, but you will also have to overcome difficult challenges. The squares will appear continuously, and your task is to cut them down. Remember not to miss because these squares are musical notes. To create a piece of music, you will hit them as if you were hitting a key. The higher the level, the higher the quality will be. A series of flexible manipulations will be a must when coming to the game Beat Blade: Dash Dance.

Beat Blade: Dash Dance

Beat Blade: Dash Dance – get used to the rhythm race

How can you miss the thrilling confrontations on the music track? The cubes are floating in the air that you have to confront. At first, maybe because the song’s melody has not been sublimated, our squares may move slowly. But when it comes to the chorus, the target’s movement speed will increase when it is an obstacle for you. Not only stopping here, but traps will also appear suddenly behind the cubes. If we are not careful, we can cut right at any time, causing serious consequences. This is a tough challenge. Just have to focus on the notes and pay attention to the pitfalls.

The system is updated weekly

In this Beat Blade: Dash Dance game, you will not feel duplicated when playing because new versions are updated weekly. The hottest songs will definitely always be updated. The cool things that are noticed by many players will be prioritized first. As for the non-preferred modes, they will be completely renovated. Mod Beat Blade: Dash Dance will always bring you the most suitable surprises for all players. The music is always what you want, rest assured, you will not be disappointed. Going through a fierce battle with the cubes playing a piece of complete music is worth it.

the system is updated weekly

Race to the top with everyone in the world

After mastering the songs at a basic level, you can join the fierce top racing matches. There are many powerful players in the world. Speed and concentration are like a big walls that cannot be shaken by external forces. But with top-notch skills and universe-class thinking, you will overcome all to become the best. Create ecstatic tunes with your own hands, making everyone fall in love with the music you create. Persistence through rigorous training is the condition for success. Becoming a music leader is your dream. Make that dream come true now.

Looking for new songs

Sometimes you will come across a new song with a catchy sound. Immersed in it is obvious because no one can resist the charm of Beat Blade: Dash Dance. You will have the opportunity to play all the songs by famous singers. The music you dreamed of playing every night is now a reality. A distinct style will be the way you play, stirring up all the melodies so that listeners can feel its charm. All will always be updated as quickly as possible for you to feel. These are unique to Beat Blade: Dash Dance.

Download Beat Blade: Dash Dance Mod Apk for Android

Download Beat Blade: Dash Dance Mod Apk for Android

Instead of enjoying a piece of music the usual way, you can listen to it in a whole new way. Matches with cubes will help you no longer feel bored. The pitfalls appear unexpectedly to bring you the joy you deserve. Download Beat Blade: Dash Dance Mod Apk to join the music race with everyone in the world.

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