My Singing Monsters Mod Apk – Free for Android

By july.mod - Latest update August 14, 2021
My Singing Monsters Mod Apk – Free for Android
Name My Singing Monsters
Version 3.2.1
MOD Features No
Size 98 MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Action, Music
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Publisher Big Blue Bubble
Publisher Big Blue Bubble,
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Update August 14, 2021 (2 years ago)

Do you feel strange and surprised to be able to witness monsters that can sing? Maybe you don’t quite understand what I mean. Then get used to it with My Singing Monsters Mod Apk. This is a world where there are very happy tunes. The special thing is that these tunes are made from monsters on the dreamy music island. And you are the owner of this island. Take over the monsters that spawn continuously. Create a one-of-a-kind orchestra created by strange monsters. You won’t believe how good and catchy these tunes are.

Stepping onto the deserted island, your goal is to create a musical island. To do that, you need a lot of monsters that can sing. Breed and breed them from childhood to adulthood. There are many types of monsters with different melodies. If we know how to combine them, we will produce an impressive musical harmony. Maybe even create the proudest epic.

My Singing Monsters

Key elements of melodies

That’s right, and those are the monsters I talked about above with a funny appearance and impressive vocals. They’re pretty much the main contributor to the music in My Singing Monsters. Each monster has many species and strange shapes. Although it sometimes seems a bit scary, with attractive vocals almost erased the unfriendly look from them. Making gamers only know how to fascinate and nurture monsters until they grow up. Each species will be created when you reach certain levels. Even more special is that you can breed species with each other. Then create hybrid monsters with even more amazing voices.

Decorate the beautiful island

Our singers will gather on the island of dreams to make music together. Therefore, this island needs to have the most romantic and beautiful scenery. My Singing Monsters provides you with a lot of different decorative objects. However, they do not produce any beneficial tone and effect. However, the fun lies in the beautiful shape that makes the player’s happy effect. Your island will be much more vibrant, with countless colors intermingling. Create a poetic musical scene along with the symphony of the lovely monster team. It all comes together to make everything perfect.

Decorate the beautiful island

Move to New Areas

Until a stage when one of your islands is almost perfect. I already have a full range of monsters and beautiful objects, while the number of monsters that can be made is still a lot. Then it’s time to move on to a new island. It will be unlocked when you complete your previous island. Of course, the islands will not be the same. They will have different terrain and environments. This does not affect monsters. On the contrary, it also creates a lot of variety from the scene. The decorations will also be changed based on the islands. You won’t have to worry about boring things over and over again.

Show off your results

Once you have many islands and hundreds of different monsters, you can proudly show it off to everyone. Let them know what it takes to persevere. It’s fun to take care of the monsters so that they make lovely tunes. Even if you can, invite your friends to play with you. They will probably create things completely different from us. For example, decorate the island a little differently. Or the order and tone of the monsters will also change. This is to confirm that each island the player creates is unique. There can never be two identical islands.

Download My Singing Monsters Mod Apk for Android

Download My Singing Monsters Mod Apk for Android

My Singing Monsters is definitely for music lovers. Moreover, he has a passion for building and developing his own island. There are still many new updates coming from the developer, with many promises and exciting elements. Welcome to the future. Then don’t waste any more time. Download now My Singing Monsters Mod Apk. Build, grow and add the most vibrant, soothing melodies to your island right now.

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