Cat War2 Mod Apk – Unlimited Diamonds

By july.mod - Latest update August 7, 2021
Cat War2 Mod Apk – Unlimited Diamonds
Name Cat War2
Version 2.4
MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds
Size 36 MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Strategy
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Publisher WestRiver
Publisher WestRiver,
Update August 7, 2021 (3 years ago)
  • Diamonds increase as you spend

Cats and dogs are two of the most loved pets. They are adorable and cuddly furry animals. However, you will encounter a very different image of these animals in Cat War2 Mod Apk.

This is a game developed by WestRiver and has had a pretty popular previous version. It looks simple, but this part two will bring you more surprises. So what is that? Join me to learn about Cat War2 now!

Cat War2 is a thrilling strategy game. This place always takes place the eternal battles of two species of dogs and cats. Dogs rely on being larger, so they are always aggressive with cats.

In the face of this unfair brood, the leader of the cats decided to assemble a team of the strongest cat warriors to fight the disturbances of the dogs. Under the player’s lead, scuffles will break out. You need to devise the best strategy to attack the castle of the dogs. Defeat them, restore peace to the cat kingdom and win your game.

Cat War2

How to drop soldiers

Cat War2 has very dynamic and simple defense gameplay. You will take the role of the commander of the cat army against the enemy dog army. Both sides will have their own defense towers, and you need to protect the tower for the cats.

On the screen, below are the cat soldier components that you have. You need to earn money then release them to fight. Each time you choose, it takes a while before you can choose again.

On the left side are the cat heroes. They are also similar. But the amount to buy them is much higher.

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We cannot underestimate the army of dogs. Not only did they attack directly, but there were also ambushes along the way. They will fire bullets and bombs at our soldiers and heroes.

But don’t worry because you’ve got the mighty cat hero. A hero is many times stronger than a small cat soldier. Players need to release powerful cat heroes and lots of troops to knock down enemy towers.

One note is that if you let the dog army attack the defense tower, you will not receive three bonus points even if you don’t lose.

How to summon squad in Cat War2 Mod Apk

To summon a cat warrior, you need to use money. Each type of cat will have a different summoning amount. Need to earn a lot of money to have a large and strong squad.

Let the cats go fishing. The number of fish caught will be converted into money. On each game screen, you can only release a certain number of fishing cats.

This increases the difficulty of the game. It prevents gamers from buying too many soldiers. So it would be best if you had a reasonable strategy and choose the right soldiers for you to win.

About the cat army

In Cat War2, there are 9 types of troops. At the beginning of the game, you will receive 3 types of soldiers: Robin, Karos, and Gladius. The remaining types will be unlocked in turn when you reach levels 11, 16, and 36.

With such a formation, each type of soldier will have different advantages and disadvantages. Some have the ability to move quickly or attack from a distance. Others move slower but have greater attack power.

No warrior is perfect. However, you can completely build a perfect squad if you know how to combine them harmoniously.

cat army

The maximum level of a cat soldier is 20, and that of heroes is much higher. Upgrading each type of soldier and hero will bring great power. Cat War2 Mod Apk will help you do this easily.

Some types of soldiers require diamonds to upgrade. Others can only be obtained when the player participates in the event. So keep an eye out for exciting Cat War2 events and join in.

Fun bonus game

In addition to the tough and fierce battles, Cat War2 also offers a small bonus game. On the screen is a cat with a basket on its back. A lot of fish fell from the sky out of nowhere.

Other items such as ink, stars, treasure chests, medals, and even dangerous explosive bombs. The gameplay is straightforward. Players will control the small cat to move left or right continuously to catch the above items.

If you catch fish, squid, and medals, you get points. As a star, points will be deducted. And if you get hit by a bomb, you lose and stop.

Download Cat War 2 Mod Apk for Android

To sum up, Cat War2 is an easy-to-play and entertaining strategy game. Bringing two common domestic pets into an uncompromising battle. Are you willing to be the hero to help the cat kingdom defeat the dogs?

Come to Cat War2 Mod Apk when you feel bored, free. Ensure that the game will make your every second and every minute go by full of fun and excitement.

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