Bloons TD Battles Mod Apk – Unlimited medallions

By july.mod - Latest update August 7, 2021
Bloons TD Battles Mod Apk – Unlimited medallions
Name Bloons TD Battles
Version 6.12.1
MOD Features Unlimited medallions
Size 100 MB
Requires Android
Category Strategy
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Publisher ninja kiwi
Publisher ninja kiwi,
Update August 7, 2021 (2 years ago)

When it comes to strategy games, people will often immediately think of games full of dryness and difficulty. If you are thinking the same thing, you are wrong! Today I will introduce you to a charming strategy game. Surely after watching, you will have to change your prejudices before completely. It’s Bloons TD Battles Mod Apk, released by ninja kiwi recently. This is probably the funniest strategy game I’ve ever known.

Bloons TD Battles builds exciting battles between adorable monkeys and colorful balloons. The battles will form a beautiful adventure sequence. Balloons may be small and few at first, but gradually they become large and large.

As a commander, you need to help the monkeys protect our stronghold against the stormy attacks of balloons. So, use breakthrough strategies to destroy all the balloons that appear on the screen.

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Bloons TD Battles – Fun goalkeeper game

The task of gamers in this game is to protect the stronghold. Before playing, you need to choose the game mode, map, and tower defense. Each different game mode will have different goals to complete. But in general, it is still not to let the balloon enter the city. Each level allows you to hit a certain number of balloons within a certain limit. If to exceed that number, you immediately lose.

Do not assign responsibility to one character. Use all weapons to create the strongest squad. Bloons TD Battles requires highly effective character coordination strategies.

If you can’t stop the balloons from coming in, you can choose to raise the white flag of surrender. But I believe you won’t. We can fail and try again, but it’s important to try our best. Try every strategy and plan you can think of. Only cowards and incompetent people choose to surrender.


Just cross any monkey you want. They will move and fight. If you choose Super Monkey, it will use a laser gun. If you choose Sniper Monkey, it will aim and shoot at the target. The monkey characters all have their own talents and lovely features. Cobra, Dart Monkey, Ninja, Glue Gunner… are all talented monkeys. In addition to the monkeys, you also have many other offensive weapons: Spike Factory, Bomb Tower, Task Shooter. Let’s use reasonable tactics when choosing weapons and characters to arrange into battle. It determines your victory.

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Game mode

Three attractive game modes in Bloons TD Battles are Assault, Battle Arena, and Defensive, respectively. In Assault mode, the player needs to combine manually. Just use balloons to attack the opponent’s stronghold, and break the opponent’s balloons attacking your side. The later the game, the more intense the attack speed will be. Use Monkey Tower Boost to recharge the tower quickly. And Bloons Boost helps increase the power of balloons when fighting opponents.

In Defensive Mode, the player will be offered $75. Use this money to buy the best defensive equipment possible. Buying extra income to increase cooldown will be very beneficial. Finally, in Battle Arena, gamers will be able to compete with many different players worldwide. A great opportunity to sharpen your skills and make friends isn’t it! Not only that, but you also receive special benefits if you become the leader.

Game mode

Weapon Upgrade

The difficulty of each battle will increase gradually through the game screen. The movement speed, number, and attack power of the balls will increase. You must know, balloons are not colorful toys anymore. They are the enemy. So you need to buy more weapons and upgrade your weapon systems and battle towers. Upgrade operations can be performed while the battle is in progress. The direction of these balls can change abnormally. It takes people with tactical thinking and guessing skills to arrange attacks correctly. Win to continue the upgrade, or you won’t get far in Bloons TD Battles.

Download Bloons TD Battles Mod Apk for Android

With such simple, fun gameplay, Bloons TD Battles deserve a nomination on your list of games. Be with the adorable monkeys and break as many balloons as you can. No balls are allowed to fly into your stronghold. The balloon war is still going on. Download Bloons TD Battles Mod Apk now to have moments of refreshing entertainment after hours of tiring work and study.

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