Tempest Mod Apk – Unlimited Money/Unlocked All Paid Content

By july.mod - Latest update September 12, 2021
Tempest Mod Apk – Unlimited Money/Unlocked All Paid Content
Name Tempest: Pirate Action RPG Premium
Version 1.6.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Unlocked All Paid Content
Size 240 MB
Requires Android
Category Adventure
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Publisher HeroCraft Ltd.
Publisher HeroCraft Ltd.,
Update September 12, 2021 (3 years ago)
MOD info

[MOD V1]

  • Sell anything to get 8000 coins
  • Paid content unlocked.

[MOD V2]

  • Unlimited Money

Tempest is a famous adventure game from HeroCraft Ltd. It is a great game that stands out from the rest of the genre. It is built on the image of ferocious pirates. If you are interested in the life of pirates at sea, then Tempest Mod Apk will definitely be the best choice. Prepare a phone with a full battery and a comfortable seat to immerse yourself in this game for hours.

On the topic of pirates, we have enjoyed the famous series – Pirates of the Caribbean. However, being transformed into a real character is not. It was definitely a great feeling.

In Tempest, you will be playing the role of a captain, operating your ship to conquer all oceans. You will have to deal with dangerous monsters like never before. Compete for strength and destroy rival ships. Another great thing is that you can play the game with your friends in multiplayer mode.


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Become a captain in Tempest

In the age of pirates, the ocean is a battlefield. The battleships’ mutual attacks took place every day. To maintain the existence of the whole boat, the captain must be a brave person. First, the best crew must be selected. Each member will contribute an ability to protect the boat and fight. After that, buy more weaponry and replenish ammunition. Finally, it is to rely on your own control to fight all enemies. It can be seen that being a good captain is not an easy thing.

Become a captain

Lots of enemies at sea

During your sea adventure in Tempest Mod, your boat will meet a lot of enemies. The most typical are the pirate ships of other gangs. Local competition is huge. So when they appear, the war will break out. Players need to learn how to control the battleship to resist all attacks. In addition, an equally dangerous object you will encounter is the sea monster. They are all huge creatures. You can easily swallow your boat. Prepare to fight when the water shakes strangely.

Lots of enemies at sea

Legendary treasure hunt

According to legend, the legendary pirate had a huge treasure. He hid it on an island and turned the ship’s sailors into security guards. Even though they died, they never left the mission. Your boat is just one of the hundreds of other pirates on the hunt for this treasure. Quickly bring your band of robbers to find before the treasure falls into the hands of others. On the way to find treasure, your bandits will encounter many dangers. The mobile skeletons of dead pirates and monsters will attack you. So, recruit yourself the best crew to fight them.

Combat system

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The vast ocean is a place that hides many dangers. Therefore, the captain needs to focus on upgrading and developing the combat system. Tempest Mod Apk for Android offers gamers a powerful combat system. The line of attack consists of long-range cannons that can destroy enemy ships. Regarding the moving parts, there will be different types of large and small sails. They are used to help the boat move quickly and flexibly. Depending on the opponent of each match, the player chooses the parts that best suit the strategy.

Download Tempest Mod Apk for Android

In addition, Tempest also allows players to upgrade parts of battleships. It helps increase the fighting power and the ability to win for players. The cannons, when upgraded, will have a longer range and more accurate target. Movement speed is also more agile that can easily attack and defend.

Download Tempest Mod Apk for Android

Basically, Tempest meets all the requirements to become an adventure game suitable for all ages. The plot is beautiful, built on the lives of pirates. Players will have the opportunity to become the captain of the most powerful pirate crew on the sea. Join the wars with other gangs, giant ocean monsters never seen before. The most important thing is still looting to have a lot of gold and silver treasures.

All of the above will span over a hundred quests. Download Tempest Mod Apk today and immerse yourself in the endless ocean adventure. Make your pirate crew the terror of any ship and any land.

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