Last Pirate Mod Apk – Immortality/Unlimited Money

By july.mod - Latest update September 12, 2021
Last Pirate Mod Apk – Immortality/Unlimited Money
Name Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure
Version 0.992
MOD Features Immortality/Unlimited Money
Size 152 MB
Requires Android
Category Adventure
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Publisher RetroStyle Games UA
Publisher RetroStyle Games UA,
Update September 12, 2021 (3 years ago)
MOD info
  • One Hit Kill
  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Money

You admire adventurers because they can go on adventures everywhere and experience intense survival challenges. Come to Last Pirate Mod Apk to also live as a person who has to fight for life. Last Pirate is an adventure game by RetroStyle Games UA. This game is developed based on Last Fishing game that the company released earlier. In Last Fishing, the main task of the player is to fish the fish. And Last Pirate has bigger quests. Let’s find out what you can do in this game.

In today’s survival game market, young people are very fond of games like PUBG Mobile or Fortnite. Maybe the name Last Pirate is quite new to everyone, but you will have to download this game right away after reading this article. In this adventure game, you will play the role of a captain lost to a deserted island. From a first-person perspective, you will explore every corner of the island. Find food, fight monsters, and do everything to survive.

Last Pirate

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Last Pirate – Lost Pirates

The main character for you to play in Last Pirate is a pirate captain. He used to have a large ship with many sailors and wealth and food. However, that boat was unlucky enough to be engulfed by a big storm and washed away. The captain was the only lucky survivor. He washed up on an unfamiliar deserted island. It wasn’t easy to find someone to save, so the captain had to go to the island and find a way to survive here. At this time, the oldest and simplest survival skills need to be promoted.

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Survival on a deserted island

After exploring around for a while, you will realize that this island is completely uninhabited. On the contrary, it has many mysterious creatures and zombies of pirates who have died and wandered to this place. All of them bring deadly danger to you.

To survive on this island, the first thing you need to do is find and store food. Go around and find some fruits like coconut, banana to eat. In addition, you can use the hook in your hand to catch fish, chicken, and wild boar. They are an abundant source of food for you to energize your character. Remember to feed your character well, or else he will be exhausted.

Survival on a deserted island

Another important thing you need to do in the game is to exploit resources. They are stone, wood, fabric. It would be best if you had these to craft weapons and houses and other structures. They can help you fend off the onslaught of mutants and the undead. In addition, the player must regularly upgrade the strength of the character so that he can fight.

Quest System

Last Pirate’s mission system contains many mysteries that players cannot predict. In the beginning, the tasks will be straightforward. Players only need to collect a few certain items. Gradually the tasks will be upgraded in difficulty because then you are more familiar with the game. Creatures and undead will appear and attack you. So collect materials to quickly craft weapons. When you succeed in difficult tasks, of course, you will receive more rewards. They can help you unlock new technologies.

Quest System

Weapon Use

Since the character himself is a pirate, there will be a sharp hook on his arm. It is also the most basic weapon you have at the beginning of the game. Use it to perform tasks such as catching fish, picking fruit, … Later, when you collect many other materials, you will make more weapons such as axes, hammers, swords, bows, and arrows,… New weapons will do more than the hook in your hand. They can cut trees, build wood for houses, hunt wild animals, fight enemies when attacked.

Download Last Pirate Mod Apk for Android

Are you satisfied with the game I introduced today? Challenging and diverse mission challenges are welcoming new players to explore. Download Last Pirate Mod Apk now, test your survival skills as a pirate trapped on a deserted island. Use your knowledge to explore and conquer the island. Build structures and weapons to stop the onslaught of creatures and the undead.

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