[PROJECT:OFFROAD] Mod Apk – Unlimited Money/ Unlocked

By july.mod - Latest update September 1, 2021
[PROJECT:OFFROAD] Mod Apk – Unlimited Money/ Unlocked
Version 185
MOD Features Unlimited Money/ Unlocked
Size 83 MB
Requires Android 6.0
Category Racing
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Update September 1, 2021 (3 years ago)
  • Unlimited money
  • The possibility of tuning is open, all cars and maps are for free driving
  • No ads

How it will feel about going on rough roads will be answered by [PROJECT:OFFROAD] Mod Apk. [PROJECT:OFFROAD] is a simulation game about off-road car driving. Your task is to move to help the car reach its destination. There are many different levels for you to play. Show your driving ability to conquer the challenges that the game offers. Because it is a simulation game, you will only focus on your moves. There won’t be any external influences to distract you. You will learn a lot of skills after participating in that experience.

[PROJECT:OFFROAD] was released by BYCODEC GAMES and had great success. The game has received a lot of support from the world gaming community. Thanks to everyone’s positive comments, [PROJECT:OFFROAD] has reaped the sweet fruit it is today. The game is designed with many different artificial terrains. You will never know what you will face at the next level. Overcoming challenges along the way has never been easy. But if you can do it, it is something to be proud of. [PROJECT:OFFROAD] Mod Apk brings you from one surprise to another. Explore to find the most special.


Choose game mode in [PROJECT:OFFROAD]

[PROJECT:OFFROAD] offers three main modes for you to participate: free driving, off-road and advanced conditional driving. Your task is to help your car reach the finish line by all means. No matter which model you choose to join, there will be difficulties.

However, that has given you more experience to get out of your comfort zone. From there, players will know how far they are capable of breaking through. Try to overcome the challenges to get more rewards.


When new to join, players need to grasp the part used to control the car. The icons displayed on the screen will be what you help the car move. On the left is the steering wheel; on the right is the forward, reverse accelerator, and gear lever. The artificially simulated terrain looks simple, but it’s not. To help the car move forward to overcome the challenge is worth thinking about.

Players need to think and constantly adjust the angle to make it easier to hit the gas. To avoid making a wrong decision, you need to change your perspective to see everything most conveniently. This is definitely an advantage to conquer the level that [PROJECT:OFFROAD] Mod Apk brings. Would you please think carefully when moving forward? Neither fast nor slow is as important as reaching the finish line safely.


Interesting experiment

[PROJECT:OFFROAD] is famous for the richness of the levels. Each level contains different pitfalls that make it difficult to reach the finish line. There must be almost two hundred difficulty levels installed, so the layout of things will also be different. The requirements are getting higher and higher, so you must constantly change how you handle the situation.

The screen has displayed all the tools for the control. You have to practice a lot to get used to them. The player’s skills will now be enhanced. From there, you will also complete the challenge easily. Your car will reach the finish line in the most glorious mood.

Customize transportation

[PROJECT:OFFROAD]’s store has a wide variety of vehicles. All have the specialized ability to ride on bumpy terrain. This is considered the purpose for you to strive to overcome all challenges. Then use the money you have to bring back these amazing cars. Once acquired, you can change the color of the car to make it stand out. Don’t forget to add car accessories to create an impressive highlight. Although this is only an auxiliary part, you will feel happier when you own a new car.

Download [PROJECT:OFFROAD] MOD APK for Android

Download [PROJECT:OFFROAD] MOD APK for Android

Improve your driving skills with the attractive game [PROJECT:OFFROAD] Mod Apk now. Cross different terrains to drive the car towards the destination. You will definitely have great moments when experiencing this off-road driving.

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