Let’s Survive Mod Apk – Free Craft

By august.mod - Latest update September 7, 2021
Let’s Survive Mod Apk – Free Craft
Name Let’s Survive - Survival game in zombie apocalypse (Early Access)
Version 0.8.1
MOD Features Free Craft
Size 81 MB
Requires Android
Category Simulation
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Update September 7, 2021 (2 years ago)

What if one day the earth was destroyed by a catastrophe? What can all humankind do to survive in the post-apocalypse? Surely this would be a terrible prospect that no one wants to think about. Then let’s play Let’s Survive Mod Apk to enjoy this feeling.

This is a simulation game produced by TREASTONE LTD. With Let’s Survive, you will enjoy the dead feeling of the post-apocalyptic period. Here players will have to do everything to survive from hunting, stealing to killing. Are you brave enough to do the above?

Let’s Survive – There’s no place for the weak.

True to its name – Let’s Survive, you will only have one task, which is survival. Players will take on the role of a lucky character who survived the disaster. However, he will have to face an even more cruel reality when everyone has become a murderer. Having to live in such an extremely harsh situation, players will have to use all their survival skills to survive.

Zombies can visit you suddenly without warning. There are even times when they attack right when you are asleep. So before you go, prepare enough traps and alarms at the door to ensure your life. In addition, always have a weapon ready in case of an attack.

Let’s Survive

Countless quests

Here you will have to complete the tasks that the game gives constantly. Those tasks will be displayed on the left-hand side of the screen in the form of questions. The special thing is that the new tasks will not be duplicated with the original tasks. There will be a toolbar used to monitor player health stats. You absolutely must pay attention to this. If the toolbar is red, it will be hazardous, so you must search for living resources at all costs.

Players’ tasks are also very diverse, ranging from collecting wood, weapons, and vehicles. There are also more dangerous missions such as fighting bosses, killing zombies, and rescuing teammates. Of course, the rewards after those risks will be be a lot

Countless quests

Build a base

This is your haven in these dark times. The base is not only a place to hide but also a place to make weapons. However, to be able to do that, players need to collect resources constantly. Sometimes you even have to risk your own life to get them. As time goes on, resources will become increasingly scarce. Therefore, if you want to continue to build a strong base, you will have to find dead areas.

But no matter how safe your area is, zombies can still come. They will not come alone but will bring an army. In such an emergency, what would you do? Determined to fight to the end or run away to preserve life?

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Dangerous bosses

As mentioned above, the number of zombies attacking you will increase day by day. Now they are no longer just stupid zombies, but people with their own thoughts and tactics. Therefore, defeating the zombies will now become much more difficult.

In addition to monsters with large bodies and terrible endurance, we also have to face those with the ability to hide like ghosts quickly. But above all, they will all be controlled by a commander. This is the king of zombies. They possess intelligence far beyond their own intending to exterminate humanity. So be prepared for the bloody wars to come.

Download Let’s Survive Mod Apk for Android

The game publisher has excelled in portraying the cruel, desolate world. The game is like a wake-up call for anyone living in peacetime. That to cherish every moment, love nature and always help others. It also reminds us that war and poverty are never-ending things. Download Let’s Survive Mod Apk now for Android to immerse yourself in the post-apocalyptic world, which only be for warriors.

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