Hunting Clash: Hunter Games Mod Apk – Auto Aim

By august.mod - Latest update September 6, 2021
Hunting Clash: Hunter Games Mod Apk – Auto Aim
Name Hunting Clash: Hunter Games - Shooting Simulator
Version 2.44
MOD Features Auto Aim
Size 128 MB
Requires Android 6.0+
Category Simulation
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Publisher Ten Square Games
Publisher Ten Square Games,
Update September 6, 2021 (3 years ago)
MOD info
  • The sight does not swing
  • The appearance of the accuracy ring has been accelerated (it spawns on the animal, if you shoot at it, will have 100% accuracy).

Hunting Clash: Hunter Games Mod Apk is a game that simulates the feeling of hunting, where you will experience the dangerous work of hunters. Ten Square Games has turned the levels in its game into the most realistic hunting.

Join the game, and you will be transformed into a hunter. Your task is to conduct hunts and hunt the largest animals for your collection. But the danger is always lurking. If it is not possible to kill the prey in one shot, there will be two cases. Or it will run away, but with predators, the possibility of it attacking you is very high. Show off your marksman shooting skills!

Hunting Clash: Hunter Games

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Hunting Clash: Hunter Games – Legal hunting trip

Hunting wild animals is illegal in many countries. For those who love hunting, this is a bad thing. Hunting Clash: Hunter Games Mod Apk gives you the ability to make fully valid hunting trips. You will be allowed to hunt any animal in all the forests. There is no legal obligation here. Just you, nature, and the beasts. Enjoy hunting.

The majestic nature with poetic scenery is the ideal condition to stimulate your desire to hunt. But stay alert and stay focused. Wild animals are always a big threat if you don’t really take advantage of the opportunity. If you are not quick and accurate in each shot, they will take away the beast you take a long time to track. In addition, the appearance of other hunters would also be a threat.

Interesting gameplay

With each passing day, a new task will be assigned to you. You will be tasked with destroying many different types of animals. There are familiar species such as tigers, leopards, wolves, foxes, etc. There are also quite rare species. You can only see these species through books or television. Now, you can freely hunt them to complete the assigned task. Quickly find and destroy them before dark. Because in the evening, it will be difficult for you to observe and unpredictable dangers that may occur.

Each animal has a different characteristic. Your job is to know their weak points and destroy them with one bullet. Otherwise, the animal will go into a state of panic and run away. Don’t worry about missing the target because the gun you are using is a sniper rifle. It has a long-range and absolute accuracy. Therefore, you will easily hit your prey, but to destroy them, you still need the ability to identify your weak points.

Interesting gameplay

Practice skills

To be able to kill prey quickly, you have to go through a process of hard training. Hundred or used manually. If you really can’t remember the weaknesses of each type of prey, shoot it straight in the head because the head is a sensitive part and is a fatal weakness. But it is challenging for you always to hit the prey’s head because the head is the part that never stops moving. Therefore, practice is essential.

The larger the prey, the lower the chance of catching them. For rare species, it is even more difficult. Because they have a very high level of vigilance compared to the surrounding influences, just a sound can make them run away. So, before you start taking on quests, practice thoroughly. Improve your skills to become a professional hunter. Only then can you quickly complete all the challenges of the game without much difficulty.

Weapon Selection

There are two options that the publisher of Hunting Clash: Hunter Games Mod Apk gives you. That is using a gun or a bow. With guns, this is definitely everyone’s favorite choice. Because of its accuracy as well as its serious damage, it will make hunting a lot easier. Using a gun, you need to bring it up, point it at your prey and pull the trigger. The prey will die as soon as it hits the bullet.

But if you are a lover of difficulty and want to become a classic hunter, choose a bow with serious difficulty aiming and shooting prey. You will not be able to easily hit their weak point and take down your prey in just a few seconds. You will need a good location. A superb aiming ability. And a little luck in his shots. Because sometimes, the arrows will go astray and cause the prey to run away.

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Download Hunting Clash: Hunter Games Mod Apk for Android

Download Hunting Clash: Hunter Games Mod Apk for Android

Overall, Hunting Clash: Hunter Games Mod Apk for Android is a great game for hunting lovers. Overcome all legal barriers and hunt every animal you like. Show off your marksmanship with critical shots. Show off top-notch hunting skills with well-defined weaknesses of every prey. If you really do well, your reward will be rare beasts, big and mighty beasts. What are you waiting for? Show off your ultimate hunting skills in Hunting Clash: Hunter Games!

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