Egg, Inc. Mod Apk – Unlimited Money

By august.mod - Latest update September 7, 2021
Egg, Inc. Mod Apk – Unlimited Money
Name Egg, Inc.
Version 1.21.2
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 60 MB
Requires Android 7.0+
Category Simulation
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Publisher Auxbrain Inc
Publisher Auxbrain Inc,
Update September 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
MOD info
  • Money gets bigger when you spend it

Surely all of us have had chicken eggs before. This is a nutritious meal and is especially good for the bones. That’s why the egg industry always makes billions of dollars every year. Do you want to become a millionaire in this industry? If yes, try the game Egg, Inc. Mod Apk, please.

Eggs, Inc. is a fun game in my spare time. Simulating a chicken farm, players will have to upgrade that farm to earn money. There will only be one simple operation that is to click on the screen. It sounds boring, but with more than 5 million downloads, the publisher Auxbrain Inc certainly won’t let the audience down.

Egg, Inc. – Interesting gameplay

Eggs, Inc. It also has similar gameplay to real-life farming. Players will have to find a way to make their chickens big. When they start to lay you will have to take care of them until the eggs hatch. The operation in the game is quite simple, just touch the screen to answer the questions. Chickens grow well or not, it’s all thanks to your efforts. Also do not forget to regularly clean the farm. A clean place will definitely make pets grow faster, right?

As soon as the chicken lays, incubate the egg until it hatches. Players will get a new flock of chickens, put them in the workshop to take care of them until they are old enough, and then sell them for money. In addition, you can also keep a few children to continue to breed. The more pets you have, the more money you will earn. So take good care of your chickens so they can continue to lay more.

Egg, Inc.

Taking care of chickens

A good owner should strive to keep the chickens healthy. Therefore, in addition to a good source of nutrition, it is necessary to give pets a cool, clean place to live. Players should also invest some more technology in poultry farming. Regularly vaccinate to prevent disease, it is advisable to invite good veterinarians to do it. Continually learn more about good breeding practices. You can buy some chickens with high growth genes, then the offspring will be born healthier than usual.

Taking care of chickens

Farm expansion

With the number of chickens increasing over time, for them to grow well, it is also necessary to have a comfortable home. Therefore, the construction of the barn is also very important. This is where the pets will live. Players can build more modern farms with the money earned after each trade. The better the facilities, the higher the price is bound to be. Please choose the places with the best quality, suitable for your finances. The owner can directly visit the factory and check the equipment inside. Try to develop a larger scale to have more sources of income.

The trucks also play a very important role in the game. When the demand for goods increases, the number of goods to be exported is also increasing. For orders that need to be completed urgently, businesses should use container trucks. In addition, players can also transport goods by train in case the road is too far. However, to limit those cases, it is necessary to build more facilities in different big cities. This means that you will have to invest a lot of money to expand the market.

Download Eggs, Inc. Mod Apk for Android

Realistic graphics

This is definitely an indispensable element in simulation games. Eggs, Inc. Mod Apk owns extremely realistic and eye-catching 3D graphics. Players will feel the beauty of the morning sun. With a dominant green color, nature in Egg, Inc. how beautiful it is. Here, rows of houses appear close together to create a feeling of peace and happiness. Players will also have a wonderful experience when directly taking care of the chickens little by little. If you feel tired, the game will definitely help you heal the damage in your heart.

Download Eggs, Inc. Mod Apk for Android

If you owned a farm with hundreds of pets, what would you do? With Eggs, Inc. Players will experience the feeling of every master. Obviously, the job of being a boss will not be easy. If you want to become a millionaire in the livestock industry, owning dozens of different farms, download Egg, Inc. Mod Apk. Expand your farm around the world, bring your eggs to everyone.

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