Dragons: Rise of Berk Mod Apk – Unlimited Runes

By Alex - Latest update September 7, 2021
Dragons: Rise of Berk Mod Apk – Unlimited Runes
Name Dragons: Rise of Berk
Version 1.59.4
MOD Features Unlimited Runes
Size 86 MB
Requires Android 5.1+
Category Simulation
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Publisher Ludia Inc.
Publisher Ludia Inc.,
Update September 7, 2021 (2 years ago)

Dragons: Rise of Berk mod apk – Surely everyone in our childhood has seen the movie how to train your dragon. This hit series follows the life of the Vikings in the land of Berk and their pet, the dragon. The soul of this series probably lies in the dragons. Also because of the love of the young audience, many games with similar content were born.

Prominent among them is Dragons: Rise of Berk Mod Apk developed by Ludia Inc. release. The content of the game is quite similar to the plot in the movie. Players will join with Hiccup and Toothless to protect the village from enemies. At the same time acquire and nurture new dragons.

Dragons: Rise of Berk

Dragons: Rise of Berk – Fascinating storyline

Inspired by the movie how to train your dragon 2. Vikings used to have a tradition of killing dragons to symbolize the strength of men. However, the patriarch’s son Hiccup had a completely different opinion from his father. He proved that humans and dragons can live together. After saving Hiccup’s life once, Toothless and the dragons completely changed their minds in the patriarch. Since then, the two species have had a peaceful life together.

However, that peace did not last long. During an adventure with Toothless, Hiccup encountered a group of dragon hunters. The leader of this gang is Drago, with his ambition he followed Hiccup to Berk. Surely there will be a fierce war, will Toothless and Hiccup do to protect their homeland?

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Protect the Dragons

Protecting the dragons and their eggs is the player’s priority. To be able to protect Berk, the dragons will play a major role in the fighting force. So you have to conduct training for them. However, in the beginning, the game will not have any dragons. So players must explore new lands in search of dragon eggs, the book “Book of Dragons” will help you do that. After you have found the dragon eggs, you need to start the incubation process until the eggs hatch.

When the dragons are young, you need to place them in specific locations and feed them. Let the dragons eat fish, because this is their favorite dish. As dragons level up, they gain new abilities. For example, being able to feed themselves, hunt, and fight the skills of a dragon. As for the Night Fury, they also have the ability to search for new islands. So you need to focus on developing search skills for Toothless because it will become the leader of different dragons.

Countless different dragon species

Countless different dragon species

Dragons: Rise of Berk Mod Apk has more than 40 different dragons inspired by the movie. In addition to the familiar dragons like Toothless or Light Fury. Players can also collect other dragons on the island such as Stormfly, Iggy, … Even when leveling up, there are lords like Red Dead or Bewilderbeast.

However, to be able to master those dragons, players need to show bravery. You must enhance the searchability for Toothless. In addition, Berk needs to be upgraded and expanded for new members. Residents here need to constantly search for resources and food to be able to make a home for the dragon. Order your pet dragons to build a home together.

It should be noted that Meade Hall and Academy are the two most important buildings, directly affecting the development of dragons. At first, the player can only upgrade the Academy when there are enough Vikings Houses. After the Academy reaches its target, it can continue to expand to other cages.

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Arena Arena

when you have leveled up the dragon, find them a place to practice. Before each fierce battle, train them in advance in the Arena. The gameplay is quite simple, you just need to choose the skill for each dragon and then target the target you want to attack. Each dragon is presented as a card with unique stats and abilities. Players can upgrade those cards before going into battle.

Dragons: Rise of Berk Mod Apk for Android

Dragons: Rise of Berk Mod Apk for Android

Dragons: Rise of Berk will bring you adventurous adventures. Join Hiccup and Toothless to find new dragons, train, and train them to become warriors. Defend Berk from enemies with the most powerful dragons. If you are a fan of dragons and want to become their commander, do not hesitate to download Dragons: Rise of Berk Mod Apk for Android.

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