Walk Master Mod Apk – Unlimited Money

By july.mod - Latest update August 7, 2021
Walk Master Mod Apk – Unlimited Money
Name Walk Master
Version Varies with device
MOD Features Unlimited Money/ Coins
Size 65 MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Action
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Publisher Two Men and a Dog
Publisher Two Men and a Dog,
Update August 7, 2021 (2 months ago)

Among those reading, this article, is anyone able to walk on stilts? If the answer is no, then you probably lose to the animals. I’m just joking, and it’s this Walk Master Mod Apk game here. You won’t believe animals can walk on stilts before knowing that you will control them from start to finish.

Really, you have to control animals across a lot of different terrain with only stilts under your feet. Please don’t get too confused, and there’s a complete guide to help you learn how to use it. Who knows, you will enjoy it this way.

Stay in a wild jungle, with lots of different animals. They aim to cross the forest with their skills. Specifically, here is to walk on stilts to get out of the forest. It may be quite surprising that this forest has many unimaginable things. But that’s okay. This is a game so that anything can happen. For those who are afraid of walking on stilts, this is a good opportunity to get acquainted with them.

Walk Master

Walking on stilts on a smartphone?

How can you walk on stilts on a smartphone? If that weren’t possible, this game wouldn’t exist. You will be guided to move by gestures with your fingers on the screen. The first time you will probably have to fall a lot.

Get used to standing upright first. When you get used to it, start moving forward. Don’t worry. It’s not as difficult as you think. In addition, the standing position of the animals can make you laugh because it’s too funny. Therefore, this game has a lot of people interested and want to try it. The challenge of walking on stilts through the jungle has officially begun.

Extremely wild characters

It is not difficult for the forest to appear so many animals. But it makes no sense to see them for the first time on stilts. Any animal can walk on stilts for you to see.

From a pig with a restless face, a cheerful mountain goat, even a fly? All that is possible in Walk Master is true. Collect characters for a very cheap amount. Part of it was finding the funniest poses of animals on stilts. Each animal gives you a very new experience. You may be familiar with the pig, but switching to the duck is very awkward and difficult.

download Walk Master mod for android

Overcoming rough terrain

You think just walking on stilts through the flat forest can be assured. Then surely you have not passed through many dangerous areas. The first screen will be straightforward.

The purpose is to help you get used to how to move on stilts. To the higher levels, you will have to pass a lot of places. From wooden stakes hammered in the ground, below are dozens of strange creatures. Or the slippery ice can knock you down at any time. Although it is not known why they can appear in this forest, you still have to try to move forward. New levels regularly updated will not limit the challenge for everyone.

Create many valuable things

Not just simple challenges, sometimes games will also encourage your achievements with a lot of characters scattered around the game screen. Collecting them will have a lot of pleasant surprises. We’ve seen much of the same in hit endless runner games like Subway Surfer.

However, with Walk Master, it is not easy to collect them. When the characters are in many places that are hard to reach, of course, if you don’t care, you can ignore it and move on. But believe me, when you collect it, there will be many surprises for you. There are a total of 29 characters in the game. If you collect them all, you must be a high-class player.

create many valuable things

Download Walk Master Mod Apk for Android

Walking on stilts can be very difficult in real life. In Walk Master, it will be a bit simpler but still need some serious practice time. Once mastered, it will be entertaining and comfortable.

Can that happen in real life? Do you dare to try to practice walking on stilts in real life? Sounds quite interesting, isn’t it? Hope Walk Master Mod Apk will give you a lot of fun time, maybe even motivation for real stilt walking.

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