Tinder Mod Apk – Gold Plus Premium

By july.mod - Latest update August 7, 2021
Tinder Mod Apk – Gold Plus Premium
Name Tinder - Dating, Make Friends and Meet New People
Version 11.19.0
MOD Features Gold Plus Premium
Size 111 MB
Requires Android 7.0
Category Social
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Publisher Tinder
Publisher Tinder,
Update August 7, 2021 (1 year ago)
  • Unlocked Rewind Last Swipe Feature
  • View picture of who liked you (only 1 pic)
  • All server sided features will not work

When you feel lonely, you definitely want to find yourself a suitable object to express. It must be someone who shares the same views and listens. Chances are, at Tinder Mod Apk, there will be the right person for you to share it with. This is considered a familiar dating application with many different objects. There have been quite a few successful people in outside encounters. Tinder ties relationships together, so the amount of person-to-person interaction is huge. Not only will you find like-minded people, but you will also find your other half. With just a few steps, you can own a personal account. Online dating sounds like something extraordinary and worth experiencing!

Publisher Tinder has used geolocation to bring people closer together. This activity is beneficial because the user will find the object closest to him. However, it will not be randomly selected. Tinder Mod Apk will use the filtering feature to help you choose according to what you have installed. To set up, users need to find the settings in Tinder. You are allowed to customize options such as gender, scan distance, age,… The application will base it on to help you find objects. It’s great.


Edit profile in Tinder

Your wishes have been stated, and now you need to put on your personal page a great look. The first is the profile section. This section is mentioned first because anyone who wants to know you have access to it. First, you need to click on the Edit Information box to do so. After that, the user needs to fill in or add pictures to the blanks.

Easy to use

You can upload about nine pictures of yourself. Your profile picture will be the first of them. Please choose the most beautiful and clear images to impress others from the first time they see them. The arrangement of the images is not important. Tinder adds smart display functionality. That is, the best photo of all uploaded images will appear first. Tinder’s sort mode will be turned off anytime you want.

Would you mind scrolling down below to fill in your information? You can use your common name instead of your real name. Next is a space to introduce yourself. Short, concise, but very important. Sometimes the impression is just through those two messages. You can also add your location, current job, age, etc. However, to stimulate the curiosity of others, you should use Tinder’s hidden feature. Now you need to click confirm the information, and you’re done. It’s straightforward to have a personal account for yourself, right!

Easy to use

Find out how it works

After scanning the location, Tinder will suggest some objects for you to explore. If it feels right for you, swipe right to show that you like that person. The application will then help the two of you interact with each other by texting and chatting. At that time, you can understand each other better and proceed to meet to cultivate this relationship. Otherwise, please swipe left to ignore unsatisfactory information.

Tinder promises that the profiles that you remove will not let the other person know. Users will not be disappointed when you have just rejected them. So you can feel secure when swiping left or right multiple times.

Download Tinder MOD APK for Android

Expand your circle

When using Tinder, you can still connect to Instagram and Spotify. One place is to admire the art gallery, and the other is the convergence of the ultimate music taste. You can find more friends with similar interests. Many dating apps have been released in the 4.0 era of development, but only Tinder has this special connection. Finding people with similar interests will be easier.

Download Tinder MOD APK for Android

In addition to swiping right to express, users can also use the Super Like button to make a strong impression. Finding your other half has never been as simple as experiencing with Tinder Mod Apk.

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