Sonic Forces Mod Apk – God Mode, Speed Up, No Ads

By july.mod - Latest update August 23, 2021
Sonic Forces Mod Apk – God Mode, Speed Up, No Ads
Name Sonic Forces – Multiplayer Racing & Battle Game
Version 3.9.0
MOD Features God Mode, Speed Up, No Ads
Size 146 MB
Requires Android
Category Adventure
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Publisher SEGA
Publisher SEGA,
Update August 23, 2021 (3 years ago)
MOD info


  1. Game speed multiplier [x1 – x10]
  2. God mode
  3. Start with 100 rings (max)
  4. Ads removed

Have you ever read stories, watched movies about Sonic the hedgehog character, and fell in love with this guy? Join now Sonic Forces Mod Apk to control the lightning hero with your own hands. In addition to Sonic the hedgehog, Sonic Forces also appears other heroic characters passionate about speed and extremely talented. They all share the same goal of defeating the enemy, protecting the world. Use your skillful control to help the heroes overcome all challenges.

Sonic Forces is one of the products of SEGA. This game is inspired by the famous Sonic character. Sonic, the hedgehog, is an active, adventurous guy, capable of running as fast as lightning. Based on that, the Sonic Forces game will allow you to control this character to go on an adventure on endless running tracks. In addition to Sonic Forces, SEGA has many other games about Sonic characters that you can refer to.

Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces – Manipulation of character control

When the race starts, the players will start running at their best. Overcoming opponents, avoiding obstacles, and attacking opponents are what a player will do during the race. Your character in the game Sonic Forces only runs, and the control of the above is up to you. Don’t worry because manipulating the character is very simple. Just touch your finger, and you can do as you like. Along the way, if you want to destroy your enemies, you have to pick up weapons like Mines, Lightning, Fireballs, Tornadoes. The system will automatically aim at the target, so the player only needs to give the order to shoot.

The colorful and unique character cast

Before burning out on the track, players need to choose a character to incarnate. In addition to the familiar Sonic hedgehog blue version, Mod Sonic Forces have several other versions. Those are Sonic Dog, the Hedgehog, Cat, Bird, and Rabbit. Each of these versions has a distinct advantage over the others. For example, the character with the fastest running speed is Sonic Rabbit; Sonic Bird has the ability to jump very high when the main obstacle. In the character section, touch the Sonic hedgehog versions to read information about their skills.

The colorful and unique character cast

The speed ​​must come with skill

Control skills are considered the most important factor to have in Sonic Forces players. Sonic the hedgehog not only has to run fast, but it also has to dodge obstacles. Obstacles in the game are many, very diverse. It can be a roadblock, abyss, fence, … The player must control the character to dodge all of them. Otherwise, the character will lose his life and loss. So you have to be someone with quick hands. Eyes have to look far and wide to see what is about to appear. It would be best to collect many gold rings because it helps your character have more lives to continue playing.

Graphics in Sonic Forces

Overall, the graphics of Sonic Forces Mod Apk for Android are quite eye-catching. Sharp and smooth 3D images. Sonic character versions are uniquely designed, creative, and funny. All in all, the characters are beautiful and lovable. They have their own color, and it shows some personality and special abilities. And of course, it is impossible not to mention the extremely eye-catching effects on the track. When the character accelerates, the effect is at its best. Besides, the perspective on both sides of the running track is also changed frequently. They range from a heavenly sanctuary to a mysterious forest or on ships.

Download Sonic Forces Mod Apk for Android

PvP game mode

Compared to the Auto – Runer games only in Sonic Forces, a special thing is the PvP game mode. Instead of just playing the game alone, players of Sonic Forces can invite friends to join. You will have the opportunity to compete with each other on the same track. Whoever controls their character to the finish line first wins. When playing with friends, you will find the competition very fierce. Players must concentrate as much as possible when controlling so as not to be overtaken by other opponents. In addition, if you own a fully upgraded Sonic character, you will have a great advantage. So don’t hesitate to upgrade your character.

Download Sonic Forces Mod Apk for Android

Sonic Forces is a great game for all ages. As long as you are a speed enthusiast, passionate about adventure, you should join. Choose for yourself the type of Sonic hedgehog character that you like the most. Step onto the track and show all your virtuosity while running with your character. Players can play the game with friends for more fun and togetherness. Sonic Forces Mod Apk is not only a speed race. It is also a place to exchange and learn the skills of opponents.

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