Six-Guns: Gang Showdown Mod Apk – Unlimited Money

By august.mod - Latest update August 23, 2021
Six-Guns: Gang Showdown Mod Apk – Unlimited Money
Name Six-Guns: Gang Showdown
Version 2.9.8a
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 423 MB
Requires Android 4.1+
Category Action
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Publisher Gameloft SE
Publisher Gameloft SE,
Update August 23, 2021 (2 years ago)
How to use MOD?
  1. Download Six-Guns: Gang Showdown on Google Play Store. After download a few %, cancel and download the APK from ALOgum.
  2. Install APK file and Enjoy

Six-Guns: Gang Showdown Mod Apk is an engaging gun battle game between super-cool cowboys. Gameloft SE was inspired by the classic encounters between the super cool cowboys of the American West. Surely this will be one of the most awaited games of this publisher.

As a publisher was already famous for its hit racing games. But this time, Gameloft SE is back and puts players in the role of Buck Crosshaw, a cowboy with top shooting skills in the West. This place used to be quite peaceful, but recently several criminal organizations were raging. They cause shootings in the town and disrupt its peace. As a person with a good heart, let’s put down the rebellion and restore order to this place.

Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

Six-Guns: Gang Showdown – An incident occurred

In life, there are always variables that surprise us. Buck Crossshaw is doing his job of upholding justice. Suddenly there was an allegation that he had killed a policeman. All the evidence found showed that he was the culprit. But in reality, he was wronged. Buck was sentenced to death and forced to die. You can’t let your own death happen under a misunderstanding. Buck decided to find out the truth of the matter.

A perfect plan was drawn up. On Judgment Day, while everyone thought he was dead, a loophole was opened. Accordingly, Buck Crossshaw will escape without anyone knowing. At this point, things really begin. When he arrived in Arizona, he encountered some bandits who were kidnapping a young girl. The chivalry prompted him to help the girl. From here, his war with the gang was started.

Attractive gameplay

At the beginning of the game Six-Guns: Gang Showdown, you will be able to watch a video recording of everything. After watching it, you will understand the source of the matter and feel like going with Buck. You will control him to go on missions, fight with notorious gangs. These battles are extremely bloody. You won’t be able to predict what is about to happen. Therefore, you need to have yourself a high level of readiness for any situation.

Designed in the style of a shooting game with a third-person perspective. This is a fairly wide viewing angle. But that spaciousness also requires more ability to observe everything around. Just a minute of neglect, you are also very likely to become a victim of the next murder in town. The thugs are lurking everywhere. They are always ready to harm the people and even you, Buck Crossshaw.

Attractive gameplay

Easy to control

It is not too difficult to learn and get used to the control mechanism of Six-Guns: Gang Showdown Mod Apk. With a familiar design when arranging a joystick button in the left corner of the screen. This button has the function to help the player adjust the direction of the character. On the opposite side is a system of buttons to control the character’s operation. If you want the character to jump, attack or dodge, press the corresponding button in this system.

Because of the ease of control, it will definitely make players bored. But the quest system is the opposite. There aren’t any specific lists for the tasks you have to do. Basically, your main task is to help people. So talk to them to know what difficulties they are facing. The telltale sign of someone in need is an orange exclamation mark on their head. Please note!

Various equipment

Mod Six-Guns: Gang Showdown has put into its game an extremely great weapon system. First, a cowboy cannot do without his pistol. Rusty, Lawmaker Revolver, Revolver Sniper Rifle, or more advanced Lee Navy Bolt-Action. Those are all terrible guns and have great power, helping you create an advantage when confronting bad guys.

Not to mention a horse and a beautiful outfit. Buy yourself a good horse because horses are your main means of transportation in this area. Having a good horse also means that your chasing speed is faster, and the running speed is also corresponding. Besides, beautiful outfits will also make you look much cooler.

Download Six-Guns: Gang Showdown Mod Apk for Android

Download Six-Guns: Gang Showdown Mod Apk for Android

The intense gun battles between you and the aggressive gangs. Their intense chase phase will definitely make you fall into moments of extreme tension. Help people but also don’t forget your main task is to find evidence to prove yourself unjust. Maybe, the mastermind is the boss of the gangs that are chasing you. Download, join and help Buck Crosshaw in Six-Guns: Gang Showdown Mod Apk for Android now!

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