Pull Him Out Mod Apk – Unlimited Coins

By july.mod - Latest update August 7, 2021
Pull Him Out Mod Apk – Unlimited Coins
Name Pull Him Out
Version 1.2.1
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Size 72 MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Puzzle
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Publisher Lion Studios
Publisher Lion Studios,
Update August 7, 2021 (1 year ago)

Lion Studios, a tycoon in the field of developing and publishing games of the Puzzle genre. Games from this giant always top the charts in terms of downloads. Typically, there are some top-rated games such as Save The Girl, Happy Glass, …

If you are a lover of thinking and logic, you will certainly never ignore the games from Lion Studio. And in this comeback. Our gaming magnate has created a huge craze. That game is Pull Him Out Mod Apk, which is considered as the male version of “Save The Girl.” It will definitely bring us the most interesting experience of a Puzzle genre game.

free download game Pull Him Out Mod Apk

Pull Him Out Mod Apk with captivating plot

The plot is quite interesting, starting with a man who works as an archeologist. During a business trip and working in the deep forest, he accidentally picked up a mysterious map. What is considered a clue to the treasure in the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids?

But a difficult thing that everyone knows. Stay in the famous Pyramids with deadly traps. To protect the sleep of King Napoleon, the people who built this giant pyramid created them.

You will be the companion of this man and help him overcome the obstacles. To be able to find the treasure that is carefully hidden in that perilous place. Use your intelligence as well as your quickness. To help him fulfill his dream of building a museum.

mod version game Pull Him Out unlimited coins

New gameplay

The deadly traps you face are separated from you by an iron bolt. The pegs are iron bars arranged on top of each other in a certain sequence, blocking other roads. And you are the one to decide which one to draw first, which one to draw later to preserve the life of this archaeologist character. Think carefully before deciding because there will always be a solution for you.

Levels of different difficulty are given. Pay close attention to the smallest details. Things that seem to work against you actually help you a lot. For example, molten lava pits resolved with a water source can cause you to drown besides protecting the life of the archaeologist character. You must also ensure the integrity of the treasure underneath.

With just a little mistake in pulling out the pin, you can destroy that treasure. Your goal is to find the treasure. But if there’s no treasure, what’s the point?

New gameplay

Change of clothes

More than 17 different eye-catching outfits for you to choose from. Each level you complete, you will earn some scarce treasures. Accumulate them and use them to change the look of your best friend. This is considered a reward after the series of hard, hard-working days that you and your character have to go through.

Besides, when you pass level 8, your dream museum will be unlocked. You can use the treasures you earn to build and upgrade your museum to your liking.

Change of clothes

Download Pull Him Out Mod Apk for Android

Use your brain and intelligence to help others. Can train logic, agility, and creativity. Can do good people. It’s really a fun experience.

Besides, you can accompany the archaeologist character, fulfill the dream that he thought he could not fulfill in his whole life without the treasure map. Your help will be greatly appreciated when you can help others reach their dreams.

Do not hesitate to download Pull Him Out Mod Apk immediately to experience the fun, challenging levels from the first easy levels for those who want to get acquainted. Going to challenging and difficult levels later require players to be really patient when giving answers. Try to win and help the archaeologist accumulate as many treasures as possible. Are you ready to be a good person?

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