Easy Game Mod Apk – Unlimited Hints

By july.mod - Latest update August 7, 2021
Easy Game Mod Apk – Unlimited Hints
Name Easy Game - Brain Test and Tricky Mind Puzzles
Version 2.4.1
MOD Features Unlimited Hints
Size 66 MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Puzzle
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Publisher Easybrain
Publisher Easybrain,
Update August 7, 2021 (3 years ago)
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Suppose you are looking for a game that uses your brain to think to exercise your mind. Easy Game Mod Apk from Easybrain house is the game born for you.

With the familiar name “Brain Games and Brain Puzzles,” Easy Game promises to bring you the most interesting moments of using your brain. But it can also help you entertain after a stressful working day. Some questions test your IQ. This will stimulate brain development.

Easy Game



Interesting puzzle with Easy Game Mod Apk

Easy Game is designed with quite simple gameplay, making sure anyone can try the game. The system will give different questions at each level according to the increasing difficulty level. Your job is to read the question, think carefully. And give the correct answer if you are worried that you will not answer any questions. Then because when you first start, you will only have to answer the easiest questions, the difficulty will increase little by little.

With the goal for players to become familiar with the game and not be shocked by difficult questions. Difficult questions will only appear when the system realizes that you are ready to answer the usual questions.

Interesting puzzle

Various topics

The puzzles in Easy Game are vibrant and diverse. You can come across straightforward, fun puzzles. But besides that simplicity are trick puzzles, trick puzzles. Or even challenging IQ test quizzes.

In addition, you will not be too surprised to encounter real-life questions in Easy Game, even if it’s just questions designed in a game. But I’m sure, and sometimes those seemingly silly puzzles can help you a lot in that daily life.

Therefore, to be able to solve many puzzles when playing this game. You must have a broad enough background knowledge with a solid foundation. Besides quizzes about basic knowledge, you must have an ingenious analytical ability as well as a sharp mind. Try to observe and do not miss even the smallest details. And if you are a quick person, that will also help you a lot when playing a game that requires speed.

Various topics

Connecting people around

Easy Game is an exciting and fun game. The system of fun quizzes and trivia comes from the famous Easybrain publisher. Sometimes the answer will surprise you because you will never think why the question seems extremely difficult. Again, such a simple and funny answer.

Surely you will have to laugh because of the muddy level of creativity of the manufacturer. Therefore, Easy Game is a good choice if you want to play with family and friends. People can gather together, think together, and debate to come up with answers. It’s a memorable moment.

Download Easy Game Mod Apk for Android

Simple pictures and sounds

Easy Game is a straightforward and rustic game, from images to content, unlike other games designed in luxurious, beautiful 3D models. Therefore, this game easily gives players a feeling of familiarity and peace.

Besides, the manufacturer also invests heavily in creating background music for their games. Soft sound mixed with a bit of fun, wit. Give players the most comfortable mood possible when playing. From there, Easy Game will give you a relaxing experience, perfectly eliminating stress.

Download Easy Game Mod Apk for Android

Another surprise from Easy Game is that you will experience the infinite hint feature. That means you can easily pass the hammer learning questions without having to headache thinking about the answer. But don’t let that make you abuse this feature too much. This game is only exciting when you use your own brain to think carefully to find the answer. What are you waiting for without downloading Easy Game Mod Apk to try and experience it right away?

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