Ocean Is Home Mod Apk – Unlimited Coins

By july.mod - Latest update August 22, 2021
Ocean Is Home Mod Apk – Unlimited Coins
Name Ocean Is Home : Island Life Simulator
Version 0.610
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Size 111 MB
Requires Android
Category Adventure
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Publisher Birdy Dog Studio
Publisher Birdy Dog Studio,
Update August 22, 2021 (3 years ago)

Ocean Is Home is an adventure game combined with very realistic simulation elements from Birdy Dog Studio. You will control a character to explore on an island in the first-person perspective, looking for items to bring back to build. The original island is extremely unspoiled, without people, but you can help it become more beautiful and bustling. Join Ocean Is Home Mod Apk now and does it. Use your free time to work hard to build instead of lying around not knowing what to do. Enjoy the satisfaction of building a monumental property on a deserted island.

Living in the city and the mainland for a long time, you want to change the living atmosphere but have no conditions. Download Ocean Is Home Mod Apk now to live on a virtual world island. The world in Ocean Is Home is no different from real life. In the game, you can move and do everything you want. Explore every corner, collect raw materials and materials for construction. You can build your own house. Get a job to earn money and start a business if you like. You can become the owner of the most beautiful island resort in the region.

Ocean Is Home

Ocean Is Home – Explore the island and do quests

Entering the game, you will be given an island. Ocean Is Home will provide you with a map for you to explore the island easily. At first, the island had no proper roads. Then you don’t need to walk anymore, and you can drive to move. You are the one who builds roads so that vehicles and people can easily travel. You are also the creator of the structures for the island.

Every day, Ocean Is Home will give you diverse tasks. Complete them to get rewards. In addition, the quests also help you get ideas to create your dream island. With the open world and adventure gameplay, players will be surprised with what Mod Ocean Is Home brings.

Turn the island into a tourist area

Your island is the perfect place to become a tourist resort. It is located in the sea, with beautiful natural scenery and fresh air. So let’s make it a great resort for tourists from all over the world. To build all the above works needs quite a lot of time. First, you need to build roads on the island, and vehicles cannot go on the island without roads. Then you continue to build buildings, hotels, resorts, etc…

When you first start your business, there will not be many tourists. Do not be discouraged because there is no simple job that makes a lot of money right away. To promote business, players can use advertising services or organize events. Thus, many visitors will know and come to the island. Meet many people on the island and work together to scale. Earn lots of money and enjoy a full, refreshing life.

Turn the island into a tourist area

Build and decorate your own house

You can’t live without a house for rain and sunshine. Let’s build a spacious and spacious house for yourself. Use the highest quality materials to create a sturdy home. After the construction is complete, you should always decorate the house to have the most comfortable feeling when you come in. Let’s paint the walls, hang decorations, buy furniture and arrange it appropriately for each room. The land for you to build a house is vast, and you can edit around to form a garden. With sea view, spaciousness and beautiful garden, your house is like a villa.

Download Ocean Is Home Mod Apk for Android

Earn and shop

The authenticity in Ocean Is Home is shown because you have to spend money to buy the items you want. It is no different from real life. Want to buy building materials, furniture, decorations, … you have to pay some money. To get paid, you can earn by doing game quests. You can also work part-time, you will get paid. Some jobs for you are garbage picker, driver, fireman, etc. Or you can run a business to earn more money than the above. However, running a business is not easy. First, you need to have a large amount of money as capital. In addition, you have to invest a lot of time and effort to have a profitable business.

Download Ocean Is Home Mod Apk for Android

Join Ocean Is Home – a varied game with a rich open world. Players not only have an adventure, survival but also try the business. You will start your career from zero. Go around the vast island in search of resources for life. Cooperate, make money to start a business. Turn the original, unspoiled island into a luxury resort. Attract thousands of tourists and make a lot of money. Become a great and rich boss with Ocean Is Home Mod Apk for Android.

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