Hitmasters Mod Apk – Unlimited Money

By july.mod - Latest update August 7, 2021
Hitmasters Mod Apk – Unlimited Money
Name Hitmasters
Version 1.15.3
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 88 MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
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Publisher Playgendary Limited
Publisher Playgendary Limited,
Update August 7, 2021 (4 months ago)

Assassins are people who are trained to carry out assassination missions. If you are a professional and intelligent assassin, it will definitely be hazardous. Come to Hitmasters Mod Apk to try this hard work. This is a game released on the market by developer Playgendary Limited.

It is a action game that requires creativity and high thinking in different situations. Bringing an intellectual development method to everyone. Exercise independent thinking to solve the big puzzles presented in life. See how far you can go in this challenging journey.


How to play Hitmasters Mod Apk

First, let’s talk briefly about how Hitmasters requires you to do. There will be different game rounds arranged from easy to difficult to be gradually improved. Each time you pass this level, and even more difficult challenge is presented.

The way to win is also quite challenging, and you need to know how to destroy the enemy. Control the direction of the bullets or make the bombs explode to destroy them. Hundreds of merciless killing methods are waiting to be executed by the assassin.

Make a detailed plan and make smart use of the surrounding terrain. As long as all the enemies are destroyed without harming themselves, it will be successful.

Thousands of new challenges

Each level of the game will present different situations that you need to solve thoroughly. It could be using a water pump to drown an opponent. Use an acid tank to burn them brutally by connecting pipes together.

A smart head devises all the smartest ways to kill people. It doesn’t look convenient, but it’s actually very effective. On some levels, the enemy can attack in reverse, forcing you to be one step ahead of them.

Don’t get killed before reaching your ultimate goal, or you won’t get the game’s rewards.

mod version of Hitmasters for android

Unique characters

There are dozens of different characters included in this mind game. Each assassin has a different type of action that they show. It would help if you played each easy character to unlock more difficult characters in the future.

Through a replay, there is a chance to open mystery boxes that reward you. If you’re lucky, you can unlock a new look for your assassin. Challenge your brain by solving the puzzles created.

An assassin is never afraid of the difficulties and challenges ahead. They use precise combat skills and clear minds to solve problems, causing guards or bosses to fall.

New guns

You absolutely have the right to choose for yourself a better gun to do the task easily. Each gun has its own amount of ammo and power. Having a gun has a breakneck bullet speed. Its bullets can reach the enemy quickly.

Some other guns have a quite strong firing force that makes the trajectory of the bullet different. The remaining guns are superior in terms of ammunition, so you have more opportunities to act. However, these guns are also expensive, depending on their rating.

You will have to work hard to earn money to bring them to the next level. Collect the most complete and most powerful gun arsenal for yourself.

new guns

Download Hitmasters Mod Apk for Android

Hitmasters will have several different game mode options for players to choose for themselves. For example, the drawing mode requires you to draw a random line to help the assassin defeat the enemy. Multiplayer mode will allow you and others to support each other.

Each mode is a different mindset set to challenge you. Try to think in many directions, and it’s too difficult to use hints. However, do not rely too much on this help but brainstorm more.

There will be people who think that Mod version of Hitmasters (or original) is a game that is too difficult to entertain. But actually, if you play, you will find comfort in each movement. It does not force players into certain frameworks like many other types of play. Encourage creative freedom for success.

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