Hills of Steel Mod Apk – Unlimited Coins

By august.mod - Latest update August 24, 2021
Hills of Steel Mod Apk – Unlimited Coins
Name Hills of Steel
Version 3.6.2
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Size 88 MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Action
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Publisher Superplus Games
Publisher Superplus Games,
Update August 24, 2021 (3 months ago)

Hills of Steel Mod Apk is a lovely and exciting tank fighting game from Superplus Games. The publisher has brought the quintessence of a game of this genre into Hills of Steel. The simple but equally attractive gameplay has made Hills of Steel Mod Apk receive a strong response from the gaming community.

Entering the game, the first thing to do is watch a video tutorial on how to play. Because of the simplicity of its gameplay, players only need to spend a little time understanding how it works. Everything from the controls to the gameplay is presented in detail. Your job is to understand and manipulate everything in the right order and win beautiful victories with your tank.

Hills of Steel

Hills of Steel – Great Tank War

Surely, seeing or coming into contact with a tank is extremely luxurious. Usually, we can only see it through movies. Coming to Hills of Steel, you will experience the feeling of directly controlling a tank. Those experiences are simulated in an extremely realistic way through the visual side of the game. They are not simply driving a tank around. Hills of Steel requires you to control that tank into battle and win victories.

Bringing simple gameplay, but to win in this game is extremely difficult. Subject to many factors, so although the gameplay is simple, there are many challenges in the game. Every single opponent you have to face in the game is extremely formidable. They possess advanced tanks and excellent aiming skills. If you do not really focus, it is challenging for you to win for yourself.

Diverse terrain

The challenges from the terrain are always renewed continuously. Many types of terrain are designed to cause difficulties for players. Winning a victory is not easy besides having to confront strong enemies. You also need to have a good skill base to control your tank over any terrain. Because if your tank is not balanced, it will be difficult for you to hit the enemy.

A sufficient amount of maps are added to the game. Midsummer Siege, Assault, Winter Desert, War, … are some of the many great terrains that mod Hills of Steel brings to you. Each map is designed with a separate terrain. So there isn’t any overlap between the levels. Newness and challenges are certain to appear throughout your gameplay. Practice hard because only good skills can confidently conquer all the most complicated terrains.

Diverse terrain

Own and upgrade tanks

The game gives you nine tanks to choose from. Corba, Joker, Titan, Phoenix, Barracuda, Telsa, Mammoth, Arachno are those names. Each tank has a unique power characteristic. The Corba has a basic cannon, and the Reaper has a 6-barreled gun. You will be surprised by the great power of each tank. Maybe Tesla’s modern stun guns. Or the destructive power of Arachno’s laser gun.

Listening to it, perhaps you have felt the terrible power of the tanks. But facing tough opponents, that’s nothing. That’s why the upgrade feature was introduced. It allows players to upgrade their tanks to the next level. A small upgrade in terms of weapons will make them more powerful than ever. A few tweaks to the wheel will also help your vehicle keep better balance. From there, create terrible advantages against formidable opponents in Hills of Steel Mod Apk.

Multiple game modes

A lot of entertaining game modes are brought into the game Hills of Steel. In PVP mode, you will face off against another player. The challenge of this mode is extremely great when their skills will be higher than yours. 1vs1 mode will let you clash with AI. The opponents in this mode are somewhat easier. Surely you will easily overcome all opponents in this mode. Each match will last for 60 seconds. In that 60 seconds, try to kill the enemy as many times as you can. Which side to die more, that side will lose.

In addition, Hills of Steel also has other exciting game modes waiting for you to conquer. 2vs2 mode allows you to conquer challenges with friends. Here, you will encounter equally powerful opponents. You have to really get along well with your teammates. Otherwise, you will completely lose against the pairs of good opponents.

Download Hills of Steel Mod Apk for Android

Download Hills of Steel Mod Apk for Android

Not only stopping at lovely challenges. The extremely comfortable and easy playing experience will surely make players extremely excited. Experience tanks with powerful weapon systems. Confront formidable opponents. Conquer all difficult challenges. That’s what awaits you ahead. Hurry up, download, and join the world of Hills of Steel Mod Apk for Android now!

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