Friday the 13th Mod Apk – All Unlocked

By july.mod - Latest update August 7, 2021
Friday the 13th Mod Apk – All Unlocked
Name Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle
Version 17.11
MOD Features All Unlocked
Size 102 MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Puzzle
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Publisher Blue Wizard Digital Inc
Publisher Blue Wizard Digital Inc,
Update August 7, 2021 (1 year ago)
  • All Chapter, Characters and Weapons unlocked

The things that haunt us are often scary horror movies on film. It leaves a terrible impression that is hard to forget for a long time. What if these killers were you? What will happen when you intend to kill? Let’s explore Friday the 13th Mod Apk transform into a dangerous assassin. Help him achieve his goals when carrying out massacres.

Friday the 13th is one of the greatest horror films of all time. Developer Blue Wizard Digital Inc came up with the idea to turn it into a horror game. They succeeded in this and released the game with the same name Friday the 13th.

The story still revolves around the main character, the masked murderer Jason Voorhees. Now he has escaped from prison during the execution of his death sentence. No one knows what he can do with everyone around.

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Slaughter with Friday the 13th Mod Apk

As an assassin, his job is nothing but killing people for fun. Help him do the job most perfectly and terrifyingly. Jason and the victims will appear in a cramped room. Swipe the screen to any side to move around quickly. When you touch the victim, Jason will automatically strike most brutally.

Do not enter the cells with the crosshairs, or the police will see you and immediately kill you with guns. Don’t let that happen and end your murder in such a tedious way. It would help if you thought a little about the moves to ensure your own safety.

Follow the instructions

Mother is our light in the darkest moments of our lives. Especially with Friday the 13th, the role of the mother is significant to Jason. But there is a scary thing here that the mother will appear in the form of a bloody head. Yet, she still gives instructions and advice to our assassins.

Listen to her to be able to walk more firmly in difficult levels. Her expression also becomes satisfied when Jason hits the victim. Making his mother happy was what Jason wanted most in life. Don’t let her down on the mistakes you made.

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Costumes selection

You should know that our assassins also have their own suits. You can change Jason’s appearance in the character customization section. Admire never-before-seen versions of assassins such as superheroes, icy assassins, or apocalypse.

Each outfit you put on will give you more interesting shapes. Bring a new sense of play in each horror scene is happening. However, you need to have yourself a certain amount of money to unlock these skins. Find yourself a favorite shape and start slaughtering everything around. Nothing can stop Jason’s will and love for his mother.

Possession of weapons

We have seen the horrors of the weapon Jason uses in the movie. Of course, in this game, they also have certain effects. It gives Jason the ability to finish off enemies more quickly without harming himself. End epic levels with classic murders.

Each weapon has its own way of ending its victims, creating gruesome murder scenes. More specifically, you can sell old weapons in exchange for spending money. Buy more awesome things to help your goals. Own a lot of different types of weapons in this game.

Possession of weapons

Download Friday the 13th Mod Apk for Android

Although it is a bloody horror game, Friday the 13th Mod Apk does not cause too many superfluous effects. It gives you a feeling of playing just right but no less attractive. Visit as many different places as the ski area, the campground, or even the plane. Act cruelly with the victims to complete their mission. Become a ruthless assassin like in the movies with hundreds of effective killing methods.

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