Nova Launcher Prime Mod Apk – Patched/Prime Unlocked

By july.mod - Latest update August 10, 2021
Nova Launcher Prime Mod Apk – Patched/Prime Unlocked
Name Nova Launcher Prime
Version 7.0.42
MOD Features Patched/Prime Unlocked
Size 10 MB
Requires Android
Category Personalization
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Publisher TeslaCoil Software
Publisher TeslaCoil Software,
Update August 10, 2021 (1 year ago)

Currently, countless phone lines are born with different looks. However, users still want their device to be special, not as popular as the original. Understanding this mentality, Nova Launcher Prime Mod Apk was born to serve everyone. This is a personalization application that helps you change the look of your phone. It will become more beautiful than the default theme given by the publisher. You can edit the parameters you like. Although it makes a point for the smartphone, it will not affect your device. Many people have appreciated the good things it brings. Therefore, Nova Launcher Prime has attracted hundreds of thousands of downloads from Google Play.

In addition to changing the background image, Nova Launcher Prime Mod Apk also creates additional themes for icons. It looks beautiful. Not only that, but the application also helps the screen change brightness depending on the time of day. The screen will display bright colors to greet you immediately and vice versa; the main color will be black at night. Users feel very interested in such a change. They think this will make the phone more superior. The colors are coordinated very harmoniously to create a pleasant feeling when used.

Nova Launcher Prime

Take the first action in Nova Launcher Prime

Once downloaded, you can open Nova Launcher Prime to experience it immediately. The first thing you need to do is change the original layout. After you are satisfied with this item, click next to move. An on-screen display of common topics makes it easy to stay up-to-date. There are three modes: light, dark and automatic. At will, it will be installed.

Next is to open the application intelligently. Users can choose the style of swiping or tapping the icon. When you complete this step, press applies to activate it on your phone.

App Setup

Learn about Nova Launcher Prime a little to know more interesting things. In addition to changing the appearance on the screen, you can also arrange them. To quickly find information, the application has arranged icons in groups. This is the entertainment folder, watching movies, listening to music,… At this point, everything looks impeccable.

Nova Launcher Prime allows users to change the size of the icon as well. It will become bigger or smaller as you like. There are also creative fonts to install on the machine. For smoother touches, you need to disable the convenient swipe mode.

App Setup

Easy backup

When using, users often wonder about the problem of changing phones. They find it very boring to have to update frequently. Therefore, Nova Launcher Prime does not forget to add the backup and restore feature. Everything is done very quickly. In just a split second, you completely get back what you lost. Nova Launcher Prime is constantly updated to be compatible with different smartphone lines. So don’t worry too much when changing to a new phone.

Discover new features

With this upgraded version, Nova Launcher Prime has satisfied most of the subjects. Special features are also gradually revealed. The annoying ads have disappeared during the user experience. From now on, you can freely use it to connect to Wifi or 3G without being bothered. When you want to lock the screen, you need to double-tap it to see the use immediately. Giving commands to control also becomes much simpler.

To have the most comfortable screen, look for the hidden application function of Nova Launcher Prime. Whenever you need it, you can pull it out and use it without spending a lot of time reinstalling it. You will see the animation effects displayed most amazingly. This is truly the most usable paid version you’ll ever see.

Download Nova Launcher Prime MOD APK for Android

Download Nova Launcher Prime MOD APK for Android

Human needs have no limit, and Nova Launcher Prime Mod Apk is happy to make your life more enjoyable. Let’s experience the interesting utilities and features with this personalization software.

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