Netflix Mod Apk Free Download Premium & 4K- Worldwide Using

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Netflix Mod Apk Free Download Premium & 4K- Worldwide Using
Name Netflix
Version 8.1.0
MOD Features Premium Unlocked, Worldwide Using
Size 13 MB
Requires Android
Category Entertainment
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Publisher Netflix Inc.
Publisher Netflix Inc.,
Update October 11, 2021 (3 years ago)

Experience the Netflix Mod Apk with the following features:

  • 100% Free
  • No need to login
  • Movie quality 4K
  • Subtitles in all languages. (Change the subtitle language by: go to Settings -> Subtitles -> Choose primary subtitle.)
  • High movie download speed

We share with you the free download link for Netflix MOD in this article. Enjoy the benefits of a premium account with 4K quality, no ads, and unlimited screen.


Netflix has evolved into its own form of entertainment. Why not experience all of its revolutionary features with our Netflix MOD for free?

With this Netflix MOD APK, you can enjoy all benefits of a premium account and watch ad-free movies and shows on an unlimited watching screen. HDR and 4K quality are also available and you don’t even need an account.

Please scroll down to have an overview of the streaming service and the free Netflix MOD APK download link.

Expansive Movie and TV Shows Collection

An Ocean of Movies and TV Shows

Netflix MOD has a vast pool of movies and TV shows for you to chill in. Famous titles from all genres can be found here.

Do you want a suspenseful thriller? How about David Fincher’s Zodiac or Safdie brothers’ Uncut Gems? Something more action-packed? John Wick or Mad Max: Fury Road won’t disappoint you.

Your day job is too boring and you want to escape to another reality? Let’s explore the cursed tombs of ancient Egypt with O’Connell and Evelyn in The Mummy. 

You think the couple is cute but you need something more romantic to set the mood for the night? When Harry met Sally and Silver Linings Playbook will get the job done.

The library of Netflix is not Hollywood-exclusive. It has shows and movies from around the world. You can explore the French New Wave with Breathless or Lola to see how it won viewers’ hearts. 

There are classics from the Hollywood of the East, such as 3 Idiots and PK. Korean cinema is represented by gut-wrenching crime dramas like Memoir of A Murderer and Oldboy.

Netflix also does not let itself out of the anime trend, satisfying many anime-lovers out there. Household names like My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan are some of the many beloved anime on the platform.

Netflix updates its collection regularly with new hot titles and certified classics. You can hang out with Ted and the gang from How I Met Your Mother anytime you want.

Still upset about the last season of Game of Thrones? How about start your Breaking Bad run again and see how Vince Gilligan masterfully wrapped up a flawless show.

They even bring canceled shows from other networks back to the menu like Lucifer after its season 3 ended. And we have already seen how successful the fourth season is.

The streaming service has exclusive content too.  Netflix Original has become somewhat of a stamp of approval for the past few years. Some of the notorious examples of Netflix’s in-house production include House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black, The Crown, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, The Haunting of Hill House, and BoJack Horseman. The platform has many award-nominated and award-winning original movies, such as Okja, Marriage Story, The Irishman, and Roma. 

Netflix truly understands their audience. Just stay at home and immerse yourself in Netflix, it will tell you the world.

Exclusive Titles

The King of Binge-watch

The general consensus is that Netflix started the whole binge-watch thing with House of Cards. The moment Frank Underwood looked into the camera and broke the fourth wall in, Shakespearean style, he also broke down the traditional confinement of a TV show episode.

With a binge-able show, things get going and move along a lot faster, compared to a common TV show. There is no pilot episode. Netflix trusts the show enough to let it get right in with the story. Every episode of a season is released at once.

There is no previous-on segment. The creators don’t need to make space in the structure of an episode for commercial breaks. The audience gets the story in its purest form without any TV network shenanigans.

Netflix even has a skip-intro feature. Various techniques are used to allow viewers to skip the intros of the show they are watching, including manual reviewing, audio tagging, and machine learning. The goal is to create a seamless experience for viewers.

Personalized Experience

Maybe the thing that viewers love the most and sometimes hate the most about Netflix is its incredible algorithm. The more you watch the more the algorithm understands you.

It will figure out a near-perfect recommendation list that caters to your personal taste and retains your interest. Sometimes, the challenge is not to sit down and binge the whole show in an afternoon but to get up from your couch and do anything else.

To personalize its suggestions for you, Netflix gathers data from your and other viewers’ interaction with the app plus information about the titles to estimate your preferences.

The inputs include your viewing history, your rating, other viewers’ activity with similar taste, the genre, actors, the release year of a title, etc.

Demographic information such as age and gender is not a part of the input data so there is no need to worry about being discriminated against by the algorithm. Everything is based on your taste.

You can create many profiles on the app with different preferences. Let’s say you are a romantic-comedy lover but also a documentary fan. With two different profiles, you can always have separate spirits of choice without mixing up the other’s order.

Offline Watching Option

To provide infinite entertainment, Netflix allows viewers to save movies’ titles and watch them offline. There is no doubt that we love to gorge on our movies and shows, but munching a bit at a time is also not a bad idea.

The app even has the Smart Downloads feature that helps you manage your storage. It deletes watched episodes and downloads new ones when Wi-Fi is available.

For people who don’t have much free time or have to travel to an area without an internet connection, this is an excellent feature.

You can watch Netflix offline on the long ride home or in your cabin in the woods, pun intended, without the internet.

The app allows you to watch on many devices, depending on your subscription plan. So as long as you have enough memory space and a screen on hand, you are free to lay back and be entertained.

Offline Watching Mode

A User-Friendly App

Netflix has a compatible interface for all types of devices. The browser version is probably the easiest one to explore because everything is laid out on your screen.

But watching Netflix on TV or mobile phone is in no way a lesser experience. The app has a TV version that utilizes the advanced capability of modern smart TVs while being intuitive enough for a remote. Watching Netflix on your phone is effortless thanks to the clever compact mobile interface.

Other notable user-friendly features are Kids mode, thorough categorization, slick layout, the default “dark mode” and the famous “Are you still watching?” question.

Every aspect of the app is designed to give the most convenient and appealing watching experience.

Netflix User-Friendly App

New “Play Something” Button

Netflix just added the brand new “Play Something” button to its menu. This is basically a shuffle mode for each personalized profile.

When you click on it, the app will play something completely new or a show or film you’re already watching. You can also get a title from your “My List” or an unfinished series or film you may want to revisit.

For TV users, the button is right under your profile name or on the tenth row on your Netflix homepage. The feature also can be found on the navigation menu on the left of the screen, above  “New & Popular”.

“Play Something” fully supports screen-reading technology so viewers who are visually impared or have dyslexia can enjoy the new feature.

MOD Features

With Netflix MOD, there is even no screen limitation. The unlimited watching screen is an awesome feature of the MOD, giving you an endless sense of entertainmet.

Account sharing has undoubtedly become a norm among Netflix users. The “custom” gives family and friends access to the huge catalog of the app. The only limitation is the screen restriction of the platform. But with this MOD, you won’t have to worry about that at all.

Other convenient features include Netflix Premium Unlocked, HDR, 4K Quality Available, tablet and TV supported and no ads, no banner, and absolutely free.

This mod is available for all regions and requires no account. Recently, a server for Indian users was added. You can watch your favorite shows and movies around the world. If some titles are not available in your country, just install a VPN app and switch to a country that has that title.

download netflix mod apk Anywhere and Anytime


Netflix is the next step to enjoy the seventh form of art. An enormous library of entertainment is only a click away. This Netflix MOD will help you immerse yourself into this revolutionary platform even further.

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