Neo Monsters Mod Apk – Unlimited Money/Capture/More

By august.mod - Latest update August 24, 2021
Neo Monsters Mod Apk – Unlimited Money/Capture/More
Name Neo Monsters
Version 2.23
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Capture/More
Size 101 MB
Requires Android 4.1+
Category Role Playing
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Publisher ZigZaGame Inc.
Publisher ZigZaGame Inc.,
Update August 24, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Unlimited Money

Neo Monsters Mod Apk is an animal training game quite similar to Pokemon. It looks like the ZigZagame Inc team is all deeply influenced by the famous Pokemon manga by author Hidenori Kusaka. Many games have been adapted from this series with prototypes of the characters in the story. Because of the great success of those games, it has created a huge shadow for the following games.

To avoid boredom, Neo Monsters has made its game different with a pet system that is dragons. Participating in the game, you will be playing the role of a talented dragon trainer. Conquer the most powerful dragons and bring them into battle. Defeat the dragons of other dragon trainers and claim victories for yourself.

Neo Monsters

Neo Monsters – Game Background

The game Neo Monsters takes you to an ancient world thousands of years ago. This was the heyday of the mighty Veroisa empire, a kingdom united by many small archipelagos. After being destroyed by the First One giants, the warriors formed an army to fight. They gathered the best in the kingdom. Then proceed to capture and train the strongest dragons. Make them allies and fight together.

Play as Hector Finnegan, one of Veroisa’s most accomplished animal trainers. An animal trainer with many Monster League championships in the capital city of Othlon. Because of that, the name Hector’s name spread extremely strongly in this kingdom. The royal palace also admired this beast tamer. So they invited him to the palace. But unfortunately, the queen died, and he was suspected as the culprit. Find the evidence to free yourself!

Prove of ability

In the process of escaping, many difficulties will always be waiting for you in mod Neo Monsters. On the way, you also accidentally discover a lot of new types of dragons. Their strength is still a huge unknown. Acquire and train them to be your teammates. Gradually, you will realize the greatness of the power of these new dragons.

Mentioned as a talented dragon trainer. Therefore, new dragons are very easy to capture under your hand. But the challenge is not that simple. The royal family and your haters have posted wanted notices everywhere. Many other trainers also try to catch you to receive bonuses. If you give in, you will be arrested, and everything will fall apart. Let the new dragons protect you on your way to evidence.

Prove of ability

Various types of dragons

An animal-themed game like Neo Monsters Mod Apk is indispensable for the variety of dragons. There are thousands of dragons living and hiding in all the large and small islands of Veroisa. They carry in them a unique power and move as well as their own properties. Each dragon will have a different name, species, and race. Owning each of these will be to your advantage.

Because having a variety of strengths will also make it easier for you to counter attacks from opponents. There are five types of dragons: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. Each of these systems will have countermeasures from the other systems. For example, fire carving. When you put a wood-type dragon against a fire-type dragon, the loser is definitely on your side. Therefore, understanding and choosing the right clan every time you fight plays an essential part in your victory.

Overcoming all challenges

Besides the variety of dragon species, the number of challenges of Neo Monsters is definitely enough to satisfy you. With over 200 different quests arranged throughout your truth search. To conquer those missions, choose a strong squad with many strong dragons. In addition, you can also compete with dragon trainers who are real players through Online mode. The difficulty of the challenges will increase gradually over time. It will definitely be the ultimate challenge for you.

First of all, to overcome all challenges, you need the obedience of the conquered dragons. Show sincerity by taking care of them sincerely. Grow their favorite foods. Each dragon will have its own type of food, so this is completely strenuous. Only when there is love from the dragons, everything becomes easy. That’s the level of a top animal trainer!

Download Neo Monsters Mod Apk for Android

Download Neo Monsters Mod Apk for Android

Overall, Neo Monsters is suitable for players of all ages. Especially fans of pokemon games but want to change the atmosphere. Accompany Hector Finnegan on the path to conquering the strongest dragons. Find out the truth about the queen’s death and vindicate yourself. Reclaim all the glory of the top beast trainer in the world of Neo Monsters Mod Apk for Android!

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