Fishing Hook Mod Apk – Unlimited Money

By july.mod - Latest update August 20, 2021
Fishing Hook Mod Apk – Unlimited Money
Name Fishing Hook
Version 2.4.2
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 56 MB
Requires Android
Category Sports
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Publisher mobirix
Publisher mobirix,
Update August 20, 2021 (3 years ago)

You feel the stress that can’t be stopped, and you want a private space to relax. Come to Fishing Hook Mod Apk for challenging fishing trips. Dispel the worries and fatigue in daily life. The giant fish in the ocean are the prey that you aim for.

Fishing Hook is an action game developed by the game maker Mobility. Here you will experience a feeling of fishing just like in reality. The image of the game is simulated quite detailed and fully similar to reality. Create a perfect playing environment specifically for your taste.

Fishing Hook – Fishing the fish with the maximum size

As the owner of fishing equipment, you will be able to experience the fascinating fishing sessions yourself. When participating in the game, players will be equipped with a fishing rod controller, including a button in the middle to drop the fish and a pin scale. When the fish has bitten, the control button will show a downward arrow. When holding the control button, the fish will be pulled in. The heavier the fish, the stronger the battery will spin. When you pull the button, the fish will panic and start struggling very hard. Our goal is to be very skillful in bringing the fish onto the boat.

In Fishing Hook Mod Apk for Android, the more big fish or rare fish you catch, the higher your score. The better the skill, the more fish you can catch. Acumen is a great advantage, and if you know how to take advantage, all challenges are nothing for you. Do you dare to compete with your friends? Let’s join them and overcome the challenge, and the ranking scoreboard will be proof of your efforts and efforts. Once you’ve done the challenge, you’ll be rewarded with gold and move on to the next challenge.

Item shop

All essential items will be available in Fishing Hook’s shop. There are many types and models to fully meet your requirements, from ordinary fishing rods, mechanical fishing rods to fishing hooks, baits, and fishing lines. The more modern the equipment, the easier it is to catch bigger fish on the journeys. Each type of fishing rod has its own unique properties and can be added with any accessories. You will be able to buy the fishing rods you like when you have earned enough gold from successful hunts. However, some types can’t be bought even with a lot of money. To get it, you will have to complete big quests.

Abundant space

You won’t need to go out to waste time instead of travel right on your device. This is an opportunity to get acquainted with different places, to know different types of fish. However, you cannot choose yourself, but a new location will be opened each time you win the challenge. Go to vast lakes or straits with amazing views. This place hides a lot of interesting things deep under the water of the ocean. The trips will be the bridge between your knowledge and the outside world.

Abundant space

Attractive rewards

When you have caught enough fish according to the task, the fish will be evaluated. The system will then pay you a corresponding amount. The bigger and rarer the fish, the more gold you will earn. This will be like the kind of barter and trade we usually see. The higher the level, the greater the reward, the more possibilities to buy new equipment. Mod Fishing Hook has a leaderboard for you to follow and compete with millions of people easily. If you put in the effort, your name will sooner or later be posted there. The best individuals always receive honor from everyone.

Useful features

Not requiring hardware and meeting certain requirements like other games, Fishing Hook easily fits most devices. Small capacity design, you can easily install it when the device doesn’t have much space left. You may not need to connect to the internet if you want, so it is extremely convenient and useful. You can also connect to the ad viewing network to get more offers. Fishing Hook Mod has supported 16 languages ​​to help you easily conquer challenges everywhere.

Download Fishing Hook Mod Apk for Android

The game summary above does not seem to be enough. All the interesting things in the game Fishing Hook are still waiting for you to discover and experience. Do not hesitate any longer, download Fishing Hook Mod Apk to your device and enjoy!

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