Captain Tsubasa ZERO Mod Apk – Weak Enemies/High Player

By july.mod - Latest update September 12, 2021
Captain Tsubasa ZERO Mod Apk – Weak Enemies/High Player
Name Captain Tsubasa ZERO -Miracle Shot-
Version 2.4.2
MOD Features Weak Enemies/High Player
Size 62 MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Sports
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Publisher GMO GP Inc.
Publisher GMO GP Inc.,
Update September 12, 2021 (3 years ago)
MOD info
  • MOD Menu
    1. Weak Enemies || Enemies have low stats
    2. High Player Stats || Your team has high stats

If you have ever followed and it is better to be a fan of the famous manga from Japan: “Captain Tsubasa.” You definitely can’t miss this game. Inspired by the famous series about the journey of a football prodigy boy – Oozora Tsubasa. The new game of the same name manga series- Captain Tsubasa ZERO Mod Apk from the publisher GMO GP will surely bring you one surprise after another. Let’s explore with me now.

Captain Tsubasa ZERO

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Captain Tsubasa ZERO – Familiar gameplay

Suppose you have ever experienced a series of different versions of the famous game Football Manager. You will recognize the familiar gameplay when you start playing Mod Captain Tsubasa ZERO. But if this game is simply a team management simulation game plus familiar gameplay. This game will not become popular on the gaming charts. And popular among Japanese manga-loving communities. The special thing about Captain Tsubasa ZERO comes from the inspiration of this game – the manga of the same name.

Because it is modeled from the manga, it is not like other team management games with unfamiliar characters. The characters in Captain Tsubasa ZERO are all taken from the manga. Therefore, this is not simply a game but a whole story with a series of familiar characters with diverse personalities. In other words, you can not only play, but you can also interact with different characters and become a part of the story. That’s why I say Captain Tsubasa ZERO Mod Apk is a great game specially created for fans of Captain Tsubasa manga.

Familiar gameplay familiar

Various game modes

Besides the popular, familiar gameplay of a regular football management game. Coming to Captain Tsubasa ZERO Mod Apk for Android, you can experience modes with different gameplay. Depends on your interests and qualifications. If you love gameplay that combines interesting and thrilling stories. Try Captain Tsubasa ZERO’s Story Mode. This model is created to serve the interests of those who do not simply want to play and win. You want to experience a thrilling story during the gameplay to increase the fun. This mode will not let you down.

Also, if you have been playing for a while and feel confident with your level, challenge yourself by participating in online tournaments in League Online mode. In this mode, you will be interacting with players in different countries. Try to show all your talent and win this glorious victory now.

Various game modes

Talented characters

The once famous Captain Tsubasa Manga series has become a beautiful memory in the hearts of many readers. Throughout the stories are extremely top-notch football matches from talented and enthusiastic young players. All will be reproduced most realistically through Captain Tsubasa ZERO.

Through the game, you will have the opportunity to interact with typical characters in the story, like the boy Tsubasa and his great friends like Genzo, Soda, Ishizaki. You are free to choose your teammates, including the opponents of Tsubasa’s team in the series if you want. In Captain Tsubasa ZERO, everything is unlimited.

In each match, the players will be evaluated through three basic stats: Attack, Defense, and Physical. The higher the stat, the better the player’s level and skill. So, as a talented coach, you should consider and analyze the indicators before making a decision, except for some special cases that require time for you to realize their potential and find ways to train them.

Download Captain Tsubasa ZERO Mod Apk for Android

Download Captain Tsubasa ZERO Mod Apk for Android

Return to childhood with the famous and popular Captain Tsubasa manga for a while. Participate in competitions and exchanges with your favorite characters in the story. In addition, if you are a lover of games with tactical thinking, gameplay requires thinking and calculation from the brain. And you want through that game to learn the basic skills of football and train your thinking when playing this sport. Captain Tsubasa ZERO Mod Apk will meet all your needs. Download and experience this great game right now.

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